Revelation TVIf you live in the United Kingdom, or in Europe, you may be aware of Revelation TV – a satellite Christian TV channel that broadcasts via the Astra satellite, which covers most of Western Europe. Alone of all the Christian channels broadcasting to the UK, Revelation TV takes a firm stand on the truth of Genesis, and their schedule includes many programs with creationist content. Indeed, in recent months, our own Creation Today Show has aired on the channel.

On Thursday, the station manager, Howard Conder, presents an interview show called The Q&A Show, which features guests from around the world, answering questions from Howard and live from the viewing public. I have been a guest on this show a couple of times, and on Thursday June 27th 2013, I have the privilege once again of chatting on air with Howard.

The Q&A Show is broadcast at 9pm through 10pm (British Time). This is 10pm through 11pm in France, Germany and Italy, 4pm-5pm (USA – Eastern), and 3pm-4pm (USA – Central).

If you want to watch the program, here’s how to do it:

UK and EU viewers:

SKY TV: Channel 581

or FREESAT: Channel 692

Rest of world:

ROKU Boxes: search for Revelation TV


This week’s show will feature discussion on the subject of the Flood, because my book on that subject – Don’t Miss the Boat – is published next week by Master Books.

I hope you will be able to join us for this special show – especially our supporters in the UK and Europe.