Behind the most technologically advanced inventions we enjoy today there are genius inventors and engineers. But have you ever wondered how these greatmen and women got ideas for these advanced technologies? To answer that question, we asked Professor Stuart Burgess to explain the concept of biomimicry in the Creation Today show “Reverse Engineering: The Genius of God’s Design”. 

According to Prof. Burgess, biomimicry is the idea that engineers design things based on designs we see in nature. You can see this in things such as small drones modeled after the dragonfly.

Prof. Burgess explains how a dragonfly’s wings both flap and twist to give it its functionality. But this design is incredibly hard to mimic! What God’s perfect design completes at 40 cycles per second, the leading man made design could only complete at 10 cycles per second.

Prof. Burgess talks through even more incredibly complex wonders of God’s design, and the man made copies that fall short in comparison: including the human hand, fingers, and knee compared to the prosthetic versions of these body parts. Like the Bible describes so perfectly in Job 37, creation predicts supreme design in nature. Even with the most brilliant engineers and inventors working around the clock, man can never achieve or exceed the intricacies of God’s design.

But Prof. Burgess is not one to stop people from learning how to design – far from it! He says that the best thing any engineer can do is to study God’s perfect design. Instead of believing the lie that evolution caused the complexities in nature we see all around us, we must look to God, His Word, and His creative design to understand how we see the world and all the inventions in it.

Whether you are an engineer and inventor or not, you don’t want to miss this exciting conversation with a brilliant man (who also happens to have a British accent that is so fun to listen to)! Take some time out of your week to enjoy this discussion of all things science and God’s design.