Last night I sat down to watch the Atheist Delusion again. Have you seen it yet? If not you should download it now and make a point to watch it THIS WEEK. While speaking in California last week I had an opportunity to sit down with Ray and discuss his new project. It was interesting to know that the whole thing was the result of an accident! Watch below as Ray tells us how this film came about and learn why he calls this, “Our Best Film Ever.” Enjoy this interview.



While at one of the premieres several weeks ago, I was touched to see so many people heartbroken and literally weeping over the souls of the lost and their reaction to the Gospel in the film. Last night all those emotions came back to me as I again looked into the eyes of the lost and prayed for their souls to be saved. This movie will fuel your spiritual desire to speak the truth and love the lost. May God be glorified as you open your mouth and love your neighbor.



Here is where you can get your own copy of the film to watch today.

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If you enjoyed this interview, you may also enjoy the Live Hangout I did with Ray Comfort and Mark Spence at the Living Waters offices. Ray certainly is a lot of fun to hang out with. See for yourself!