Someone’s Journey through Genesis just began! At the Pensacola October 21st Private Premiere, 96% of invited guests who experienced this film responded that they would use GENESIS: Paradise Lost as an evangelistic tool November 13 and 16. With stats that the Genesis trailer was the second most watched trailer on the Apple Mobile App one week in October, and over 7 million people viewing the trailer on social media, this film is definitely attracting attention. And from the riveting reviews we are receiving from the Monday night, November 13th Event, you won’t be let down. The epic music, the vivid CG animations, the deep, moving voice of narrator, Dr. Voddie Bachaum, the irrefutable scientific facts clearly expounded by many PhD’s, and the Gospel in Genesis all demand the viewer to examine the biblical, historical and scientific evidence of Genesis. Some are saying it’s the best Creation Movie ever produced!

You and your skeptic friend won’t read about Creation as found in Genesis 1:1-31, you’ll experience Creation! Why is this so eternally important?

Thanks to the hijacking of science by evolutionists, atheists, and skeptics, we have come to expect that people–even Christians–do not literally believe Genesis 1:1. Yet, we expect them to literally believe and stake their soul’s eternal security on a verse found 26,136 verses later—Joh