Someone’s Journey through Genesis just began! At the Pensacola October 21st Private Premiere, 96% of invited guests who experienced this film responded that they would use GENESIS: Paradise Lost as an evangelistic tool November 13 and 16. With stats that the Genesis trailer was the second most watched trailer on the Apple Mobile App one week in October, and over 7 million people viewing the trailer on social media, this film is definitely attracting attention. And from the riveting reviews we are receiving from the Monday night, November 13th Event, you won’t be let down. The epic music, the vivid CG animations, the deep, moving voice of narrator, Dr. Voddie Bachaum, the irrefutable scientific facts clearly expounded by many PhD’s, and the Gospel in Genesis all demand the viewer to examine the biblical, historical and scientific evidence of Genesis. Some are saying it’s the best Creation Movie ever produced!

You and your skeptic friend won’t read about Creation as found in Genesis 1:1-31, you’ll experience Creation! Why is this so eternally important?

Thanks to the hijacking of science by evolutionists, atheists, and skeptics, we have come to expect that people–even Christians–do not literally believe Genesis 1:1. Yet, we expect them to literally believe and stake their soul’s eternal security on a verse found 26,136 verses later—John 3:16!

Don’t miss the opportunity to take someone to see GENESIS: Paradise Lost on Thursday, November 16th at 7:00 pm. Not sure about the movie? Check out reviews that are pouring in on, as well as, for theater availability near you. Invest in somebody staking their eternal destiny on the entire Word of God this Thursday!

Here are a few reviews from the many we are reading.

“Watching this film was a blessing. Seeing science and the Book of Genesis go hand and hand then hearing the Gospel was an amazing journey!”

“Very good film. I enjoyed the 3D effects and the information shared by the scientists. Make sure to watch the bonus material after the credits.”

WOW!!!! We just got home from Ft. Smith after seeing the Genesis movie. It was fabulous. So vivid and impressive! I can’t hardly imagine how you were all able to put it together-such talent. It was amazing to watch the creation of the world right before your very eyes, while hearing the biblical account with the real truth of science by respected experts who debunked the myths and lies we’ve been fed these many years. The manner in which it was structured and presented was very powerful. I was sorry to see the “to be continued” words appear on the screen. I was not ready for it to end!”

“Wow, it was full of so much information we have never heard. So what did happen to the dinosaurs? Is that going to be answered in Part 2?”

Took a group of 15 from church tonight. My wife said it is “the” best movie” she has ever seen. Some in group want the DVD when available for stocking stuffer or handout for evangelism.Tell the team great job and looking for the DVD.”

“Just took my family and our AWANA group to see the movie. They were each thrilled. And I must say, technically, this was inspiring, even technically better than some things I see at my work. The stereo displacement worked over nearly the whole stretch of the screen all the time. That’s not easy. I see countless hours of mundane faithfulness mingled with artistic beauty, a beautiful and equipping story. Please know this team effort was all so worth it; every tear and hour.”

“Our theater was packed! I loved the part where I felt like we were going to get crushed between the asteroid rocks.The audience broke into total applause at the end!”

“Saw the movie last night! Fantastic! The effects are out of this world. My faith is boosted! Best Christian movie I’ve ever seen. Must see. Movie exposes the lies we’ve been told for years as it unveils the fantastic truth about who were really are! Take everyone you can!”

“Watching this film was a blessing. Seeing science and the Book of Genesis go hand and hand then hearing the Gospel was an amazing journey!”

We praise God for this opportunity to invite so many to begin their Journey through Genesis today!