Whether you are on social media or not, you have to admit that these big technology platforms are influential and have the power to sway public opinion.With the younger generation turning to Twitter (now known as X) and Instagram for their news, it is more important than ever for Christians to be engaging on social media. 

That’s why I invited Pastor Wendell Phelps, a Twitter apologist, on the Creation Today show, “X Marks the Spot – Twitter Apologetics” to have a conversation with me about what that looks like for believers today.

Pastor Wendell is so easy-going and friendly, but that doesn’t mean that he shies away from engaging with hostile atheists on what he calls his “mission field”. For him, that can look like typing out a slightly longer explanation of why he believes what he talks about online, but it also looks like “trolling” the haters right back! He says that these commenters often respect their own methods and are more willing to open up a dialogue with him when they see him working on their playing field.

These conversations can get intense, so he also gives great advice on when to shake the dust off your feet and move on. Sometimes it’s all about planting that seed and praying that their eyes will be opened to where following their worldview to its logical conclusion leads – which is often illogical confusion! 

We go through several more of Pastor Wendell’s actual tweets, and talk through his thought process on each of them, as well as his plan with responses to critics. If you want to get a peak behind the curtain of Twitter apologetics, and get some good laughs along the way, be sure to schedule some time into your week to watch this fun and informative show!