>>>Neanderthals: Ape-men or Humans?

Neanderthals: Ape-men or Humans?

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“Study says Neanderthals may have mated with humans.” —New York Times. 1

The big news is about Neanderthal DNA being sequenced. Neanderthals supposedly branched off the homo sapiens lineage about 600,000 years ago. They supposedly lived up until about 30,000 years ago.

History of Neanderthal Man

Let me give you a little history on Neanderthal man. The first Neanderthal was found in 1856 and was classified as 100% human. Since then, more than 300 Neanderthals have been discovered. In textbooks, Neanderthals are portrayed as ape-men, stooping over.  This misconception is largely the result of faulty reconstruction by a French paleontologist. He mistook the skeleton of a man with a hunchback for an ape-man in the process of becoming upright.

In Jack Cuozzo’s book, Buried Alive, the Neanderthal hoax is revealed as nothing more than a misunderstanding. While studying the fossils first hand, Dr. Cuozzo (a dentist by trade) noticed that the jaw placement was 1” out of place, making it look as though it had a protruding lower jaw and giving it “ape-like” features. When Dr. Cuozzo pointed this out to the curator he was promptly dismissed and asked not to return. You can see Dr. Cuozzo recount the story in the 2005 Creation Boot Camp held in Pensacola, FL.

Neanderthal Man is a Fraud

One embarrassing issue concerning Neanderthal man is, when it was discovered, a professor of anthropology had been “forging and manipulating scientific facts” concerning Neanderthals  “over the past 30 years.”  The February 19, 2005 edition of WorldNetDaily covered the story. Professor Protsch dated a female skeleton 21,300 years old, and another skull from Germany at 27,400 years old. The skeletons were later revealed to be 3,300 years old and 260 years old respectively. 2

Neanderthal Man

Evolutionists love getting the artist involved!

Maybe Neanderthals are Humans?

The New York Times says Dr. Paabo’s obstacles include overcoming the fact that Neanderthal bones are “contaminated with modern human DNA.”  Should we ever stop and consider that maybe it is because they are humans?  Think about it: The brain capacity of a Neanderthal was 13% bigger than modern humans. The average height was 5’9”.  They had “advanced” stone tools, buried their dead, and enjoyed art.  Sounds like a normal human to me!

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