Discerning Truth

After finishing The Ultimate Proof by Dr. Jason Lisle, I ordered his new book Discerning Truth to see if it had some more good info about debating. You will not be disappointed as you learn to expose some of the major problems in evolutionary thinking. Discerning Truth takes you on a short but effective journey into the laws of logic.

Did you know that when evolutionists use biased and emotional language in an attempt to persuade people they are committing the fallacy of question-begging epithet? Every time they call creation “Creationism,” they commit the fallacy. Every time they call Creation a religion, they are committing that fallacy, and of course, every time they swear or use obscene language, they commit the fallacy of question-begging epithet.  The emotion is supposed to sway you to think they are right when they have not provided any logic or proof to support their claim.

Take a look at many of the negative comments on this blog or on our Facebook page. Many detractors use no logic but rather resort to emotionalism in order to be heard. But when you don’t have science to back up what you say, that is pretty much all you have left!  Start spotting this fallacy and pointing it out to them!

Use this resource to help yourself spot the flaws in evolution thinking, then share that information with others!