If you passed the 5th grade, you probably are familiar with the scientific method. As you progressed through school, you most likely utilized each of the steps in your science classes and labs. It became like second nature to make an observation, create a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, analyze your data, and come to a conclusion. But what if I told you that this method that has been widely taught as the correct way to do science isn’t in fact the only way scientists conduct their work? If you’re like me, mind = blown!

In this week’s Creation Today show, “The Scientific Method is Wrong”, Dr. Danny Faulkner talks about the importance of understanding science outside of the scope of the conventional methods of conducting scientific research. Dr. Faulkner says that most people think about science as experimentation, but that’s not always the case. So much of science is rooted in observation. Take, for example, astronomy or taxonomy. Two fields of science that are based primarily on observation and classification. These fields are still considered science, but don’t involve experimentation. 

Dr. Faulkner gives several more examples of science being done without the use of experimentation. The point? Science isn’t limited to the scientific method. Scientists can make valid discoveries and present accurate theories using methods outside of the classic model of experimentation. 

If you want to enjoy some fantastic humor, and being smiling from ear to ear, you will want to schedule some time into your week to enjoy this fantastic conversation with the brilliant Dr. Danny Faulkner.