The prophecy is coming true! Despite overwhelming evidence, the seared conscience of many are scoffing at the Creation, the Flood, and the Coming Judgment of God. 

In order to educate the masses with the truth, we have assembled a team that will show us undeniable evidence for the Global Flood. This operation has to happen somewhere no one would expect it! This Undeniable Evidence will come from the middle of Wisconsin—The Wisconsin Dells. 

Join Eric Hovind, Dr. Steve Austin, Tim Chaffey, Jay Seegert, Tim Farrell, and Dennis Siler for an episode of the Creation Today Show that will encourage believers in Christ and challenge the Skeptic to rethink any skepticism of the Biblical Flood!

Eric Hovind

Creation TodayPresident

Tim Chaffey

Risen MinistriesApologist & Author

Dr. Steve Austin

Institute for Creation ResearchSenior Research Scientist

Jay Seegert

The Starting Pointe ProjectPresident

Tim Farrell


Dennis Siler

Living Waters Bible CampExecutive Director

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