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Flood Geology Package

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This collection takes you on a journey of Flood Geology! Evidences abound around the world.

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The Great Ice Age DVD

How does the bible make much more sense of what we see and study? Meteorologist and creation science author Michael Oard takes you on a journey through the mountains and plains to look at the evidence, to show that the biblical record much better explains the mysteries of the ice age.

DVD: 97 minutes

The Great Missoula Flood DVD

Creation Science author and researcher Michael Oard takes you on a journey from Missoula, Montana to the Pacific, sharing how the this massive flood shaped the landscape, and how these features can be applied to other geologic features found throughout the world when the biblical global flood was receding 4,300 years ago.

DVD: 82 minutes

Creation Explorers: Tracking the Flood DVD

The Bible records that the earth’s rock surface was shaped catastrophically by the global flood of Noah’s day. Modern geology proposes that the earth’s surface was shaped by millions of years of slow and gradual processes. Which theory is more reasonable?

The discovery of the catastrophic, rock-carving Ice Age Missoula Flood in Washington State shattered the “millions of years” theory. It proved that mega floodwaters can carve out the rock formations that geologists had claimed only “millions of years” could carve.

DVD: 65 mins.

Mount St. Helens: Modern Day Evidence for the World Wide Flood DVD

Geologist Dr. Steven Austin has spent thousands of hours studying Mount St. Helens and this is his latest documentary showing all the incredible geologic features that formed rapidly giving us modern day evidence for the world wide flood.

DVD: 36 minutes

The Receding Floodwaters DVD

In this compelling documentary, researcher and scientist Michael J. Oard takes you on a journey around the world.  He presents evidence for a worldwide flood and its recession based on the geological discoveries found on the earth’s surface.  You’ll be challenged in your thinking about naturalism and evolutionary explanations for the earth’s surface features.

DVD: 89 mins


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