Another “Christian” Denies God’s Existence

Recently another “Christian” artist publicly renounced his belief in God. Jon Steingard from Hawk Nelson posted a long Instagram message copying language from Rhett and Link’s tale rejecting Christianity. Bottom line, after being raised as a PK (Preacher’s Kid), he just couldn’t believe it anymore.

I have heard this same line from individuals thousands of times. By simply asking “why?”, I hear out their story. And inevitably I end up asking one more question that helps them see the reality of where they truly stand. What’s the question? Watch the video to see.


STOP RIGHT HERE… Before you hear this question and decide to go on social media and make a big scene, you need to know something. God COMMANDS us to be loving and kind. This is not an option, not a suggestion, and not up for negotiation with God. You are to speak the truth in LOVE. It is not wrong to ask this question, but the person who is hearing it MUST know that it is being done in love. When they don’t feel the love, you lose. Please don’t forget that as you use this question.

One Question To Ask Jon Steingard


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