Answering Atheists Collection


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This DVD package uniquely gives you three perspectives to dismantle the problem of the Atheistic worldview: lecture-style training in The Mind of the Skeptic, practical on-the-street application in The Atheist Delusion, and a one-on-one debate with Portland State University Debate Created vs Evolved DVD.

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Portland State University Debate Created vs Evolved DVD

In this 2 hour and 24 minute debate see why hundreds packed out the lecture hall on November 16, 2012, at Portland State University. Learn as Eric Hovind and Bernie Dehler debate Created vs Evolved, and discern for yourself the “truth and knowledge” behind each position.

DVD: 2 hours 24 minutes

The Mind of the Skeptic DVD

With atheism on the rise, how do Christians answer the skeptic’s questions about God? Does evidence help convert the Atheist to Christianity? What proof do we actually need to present in order for the skeptic to worship the God of the Bible?

DVD: 43 minutes

The Atheist Delusion DVD

Having to prove the existence of God to an atheist is like having to prove the existence of the sun, at noon on a clear day. Yet millions are embracing the foolishness of atheism. “The Atheist Delusion” pulls back the curtain and reveals what is going on in the mind of those who deny the obvious. It introduces you to a number of atheists who you will follow as they go where the evidence leads, find a roadblock, and enter into a place of honesty that is rarely seen on film.

DVD: 62 minutes

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