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Artifacts of Deception eBook and Documentary Bundle

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Dr. Carl Werner studied for years in order to test and prove the theory of evolution. But after traveling around the world to museums and dig sites over the course of 3 decades, his findings were shocking. He now presents his research in this book and video series exposing the widespread human evolution fraud he has documented in natural history museums across the globe.

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Artifacts of Deception eBook Bundle

Dr. Carl Werner

For 25+ years, this award-winning documentary producer, accompanied by his wife (an accomplished photographer and videographer), photographed hundreds of ape-men fossils and filmed at the dig sites where they were discovered. They conducted interviews with 43 experts working in the field of human evolution on five continents, and what they discovered will shock you. Widespread human evolution fraud has been documented at Natural History Museums around the world, and compiled into this groundbreaking book series, designed to disprove evolution once and for all.

  • Untold Stories of Human Evolution eBook (PDF)
  • Nine Categories of Overturned Ape-Men eBook (PDF)
  • Bibliography for Human Evolution (PDF)

Artifacts of Deception Documentary Series

Journalist Dr. Carl Werner exposes widespread fraud in natural history museums in this groundbreaking series. From modifying fossils and changing skull sizes to altering photographs and telling lies, many evolution scientists have committed massive acts of fraud so that their claim of finding an ape-man would not be quickly overturned. The Grand Experiment documents the unbelievable stories of scientists protecting the dark secrets of evolution.

Episode Titles:

  1. Untold Stories of Human Evolution
  2. Nine Categories of Overturned Ape-Men
  3. Human Evolution Fraud in North and South America
  4. Human Evolution Fraud in Africa
  5. Human Evolution Fraud in Europe
  6. Scientists Hiding Fossils and Ape-Men Tools

Bonus Videos:

      A. The Quest for an Answer
      B. Living Fossils

Digital Streaming: 6 Episodes + 2 BONUS Videos (Approx. 60 mins each)

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