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Artifacts of Deception eBook Bundle

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Dr. Carl Werner

For 25+ years, this award-winning documentary producer, accompanied by his wife (an accomplished photographer and videographer), photographed hundreds of ape-men fossils and filmed at the dig sites where they were discovered. They conducted interviews with 43 experts working in the field of human evolution on five continents, and what they discovered will shock you. Widespread human evolution fraud has been documented at Natural History Museums around the world, and compiled into this groundbreaking book series, designed to disprove evolution once and for all.

This package includes:

  • Untold Stories of Human Evolution eBook (PDF)
  • Nine Categories of Overturned Ape-Men eBook (PDF)
  • Bibliography for Human Evolution (PDF)


Untold Stories of Human Evolution eBook (PDF)

Dr. Carl Werner’s research and interviews on five continents tackle the compelling question: Did humans evolve from apes? Get rare insight into the world of anthropology and ape-man fossils, as well as how to evaluate the evidence.


Nine Categories of Overturned Ape-Men eBook (PDF)

The purported ape-men featured in the iconic human evolution chart from Time-Life’s book Early Man have been rejected by many human evolution experts today. More than 200 species of ape-men have been overturned and organized into nine different categories based on their true origin.


Bibliography for Human Evolution eBook (PDF)

This book contains the Bibliographies of the previous two volumes in this series: Untold Stories of Human Evolution and Nine Categories of Overturned Ape-Men.



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