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Big God vs. Big Science eBook (PDF)


Bill Sardi

Confused by the old vs. young earth debate? This book uncovers scientific flaws behind the old earth hypothesis, such as the distance of the stars, the speed of light and the dating of fossils by rock layers. Written as a rebuttal to the teachings by Hugh Ross. Amply illustrated.

Download: 108 pages

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Bill Sardi

Stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon, or look up at a sky filled with stars at night. How long did it take to create these natural wonders?

The debate over whether the Bible describes six 24-hour days of creation, or millions and billions of years as representing a creation “day” is perplexing to the Christian church. Few people are equipped to understand the arguments regarding old-earth vs. young-earth dating.

The Christian church is faced with a dilemma. Shall is accept both old-earth and young-earth dating for the Genesis account of creation? While it is important that the Bible be challenged historically and scientifically so that it does not become mythology, it is also important that science be challenged so that it does not become a charade.

This book is a rebuttal to the theory that the earth is billions of years old. In the midst of the debate, ultimately Christians are being asked whether to rely upon science or God? Which (or who) is more reliable? Big God vs. Big Science will provide some answers to that question.

Download: 108 pages

“I liked it – short and concise read – gave lots of good scientific evidence for a Creation rather than evolution beginning to life. Connects to the Bible. Gives lots of good info and scientific support for a world-wide flood. If you’re just curious or wondering if the Bible has an historical basis – this is a great book to read.” – Kym

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