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Brian Thomas’ Dinosaurs and the Bible


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Brian Thomas

Where did dinosaurs come from? Where did they go? How long ago did they live?

Explore the historical, scriptural, and fossil evidence that shows God’s Word is accurate and true not only about dinosaurs, but in everything it says.

Paperback: 58 pages

23 in stock


Brian Thomas

People of all ages are fascinated by dinosaurs. And they have a lot of questions about them too:

  • When and where did dinosaurs live?
  • Are they mentioned in the Bible?
  • What does the fossil evidence tell us about dinosaurs?

There are some people who say dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, long before humans. But if the Bible is correct when it talks about God’s creation of the world and universe, then dinosaurs and people both lived on the earth at the same time.

Dinosaurs and the Bible explores the historical, scriptural, and fossil evidence about dinosaurs, and shares what we can know after many years of thoughtful, careful research.

Paperback: 58 pages

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