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Children’s Creation Creatures Package

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Get this package full of God’s Amazing Creatures to study and enjoy!

This package includes two books and two DVDs:

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44 Animals of the Bible

Each beautifully illustrated animal includes details to help clarify its meaning for children, important cultural information, and connections between the historic world of the Bible and our world today!

Hardback: 44 pages

Bugs: Big & Small God Made Them All

Insects are small signposts to God’s brilliant creativity. With their alluring beauty, incredible design features, and limitless variety, they are a living testament to an all-wise, wonderful Creator.

Hardback: 80 pages

Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures: Swamp Man! DVD

Kids of all ages will be spellbound for over 45-minutes as they are taken “on-location” to learn about God’s amazing animals of the everglades. Explorer/singer Buddy Davis, who leads them through the everglades on an air boat, via all-terrain vehicles, on flat bottom boats, and via hikes that reveal powerful alligators, amazing manatees, intelligent dolphins, cranes, a black bear, snakes, snapping turtles, and more! You probably didn’t know just how big the variety of everglades animals is. This DVD reveals God’s special design in each one!

DVD: 45 minutes

Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures: I Dig Dinosaurs! DVD

This real-life dinosaur researcher inspires kids with his solid creation teaching and infectious passion for the gospel. Buddy discovers a big dinosaur bone, and in the process shows the effects of Noah’s Flood on the Montana landscape. Your kids will see a remote part of the USA where the flood waters scoured the earth and left a mangled graveyard of dinosaurs, fish, plants, and more—a treasure trove of fossils!

DVD: 25 minutes


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