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Children’s Dinosaur Book Package

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The Children’s Dinosaur book package contains books full of information about dinosaurs with a creation perspective. If you have a child who loves dinosaurs, THIS is the package they need!

The Great Dinosaur Mystery

Paul S. Taylor

This unusual book presents dinosaurs as part of God's wonderful creation and uses them to introduce important Biblical concepts.

Hardback: 63 pages

$12.95 $9.85

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Dinosaurs for Kids

Ken Ham

In this brand-new book Ken Ham teams a powerful Bible-based timeline of dinosaur history with eye-popping illustrations and the latest in dinosaur information! Kids will learn about dinosaur names and misnomers, what the Bible has to say about them, and what we can learn from the fossil evidence of their existence! The world of dinosaurs has never been this exciting, revealing, and simply amazing to see and explore!

Hardback: 64 pages

$13.95 $10.61

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Dinosaurs by Design

Duane T. Gish

Learn everything that you have ever wanted to know about dinosaurs: where they lived, how their fossils were formed, and whether there are some still alive today.

Hardback: 88 pages

$13.50 $10.27

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Dry Bones and Other Fossils

Gary E. and Mary M. Parker

Fall in step with the Parker family as they travel the country investigating fossil graveyards. Learn how fossils are formed, found, and displayed. A full-color journey through a part of the earth's history - from a biblical standpoint. Special emphasis is given to the fossil record as it relates to flood action.

Hardback: 80 pages

$10.95 $8.33

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Dinosaurs Unleashed (2nd Edition)

Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons

This true story about dinosaurs and humans is vividly demonstrated from fossil finding to accurate descriptions of dinosaurs to the dinosaur graveyards and the flood. Great for ages 5 & up.

Hardback: 91 pages

$10.50 $7.99

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Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs

Bodie Hodge & Laura Welch Explore the links between dragon myths and the reality of dinosaurs through vivid illustrations, interactive pages, and fascinating insights! Did you know? There are dragon legends in nearly every culture, from China to Australia, India to Europe, and Persia to the kingdoms of the fiercest Norse warriors Eyewitnesses to these last dinosaurs include Job in the Bible, Alexander the Great, and Marco Polo Drawings on cave walls and on ancient art show images that closely resemble beaked dinosaurs and flying pterosaurs Re-visit history as you trace the tracks of these creatures throughout cultures in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and more, learning the facts, and revealing the fallacies of dragons. Whether battling saints or terrorizing medieval castles, these creatures provide a fascinating link to man's earliest history, as well as a shadowy mystery now found only in the pages of ancient texts. Hardback: 24 pages

$16.95 $12.90

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Product Description

The Children’s Dinosaur book package contains many books full of information about dinosaurs with a creation perspective. If you have a child who loves dinosaurs, THIS is the package they need!

This package includes:

  • The Great Dinosaur Mystery
  • Dinosaurs Unleashed
  • Dinosaurs for Kids
  • Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs
  • Dinosaurs by Design
  • Dry Bones & Other Fossils
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