The Flood Package


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This package is all about Noah’s Flood – Did a world wide flood occur, how were fossils formed, and where does the Ice Age fit in? These questions and many more are addressed in the great resources offered in this package.

This package includes:


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The Great Ice Age DVD

How does the bible make much more sense of what we see and study? Meteorologist and creation science author Michael Oard takes you on a journey through the mountains and plains to look at the evidence, to show that the biblical record much better explains the mysteries of the ice age.

DVD: 97 minutes

Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Flood Fossils

Unsurpassed photographic examples of fossils from around the world. New evidence may force fossil experts to resort back to one of the earliest ideas of how fossils may have formed–underwater.

Hardback: 197 pages

The Global Flood: Unlocking Earth’s Geologic History

Using Scripture and historical evidence for a worldwide flood, this comprehensive book offers a layman’s discourse for the scholarly treatise, The Genesis Flood by Morris and Whitcomb. Simply but firmly resolves questions about a worldwide flood!

Hardback: 175 pages


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