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This package is all about Noah’s Flood – Did a world wide flood occur, how were fossils formed, and where does the Ice Age fit in? These questions and many more are addressed in the great resources offered in this package.

This package includes:


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Don’t Miss the Boat Book

Paul F. Taylor

What do atheists, skeptics, and many Christians commonly ridicule?  They mock the teaching of a literal, global flood,  claiming that there is no evidence for this event as recorded in the Bible.  Don’t Miss the Boat presents solid scientific, historical, and biblical evidence in an easy-to-read, relevant work documenting the validity of Noah’s Flood. And you won’t want to miss this opportunity to enjoy a little of author Paul Taylor’s witty British humor as he entwines some fictional short stories that place the reader back in time just before the Flood.

Paperback: 187 pages


The Great Ice Age DVD

How does the bible make much more sense of what we see and study? Meteorologist and creation science author Michael Oard takes you on a journey through the mountains and plains to look at the evidence, to show that the biblical record much better explains the mysteries of the ice age.

DVD: 97 minutes


Creation Explorers: Tracking the Flood DVD

The Bible records that the earth’s rock surface was shaped catastrophically by the global flood of Noah’s day. Modern geology proposes that the earth’s surface was shaped by millions of years of slow and gradual processes. Which theory is more reasonable?

Join the Creation Explorers, as they cruise, fly and trek into the path of this Ice Age flood, into the Columbia River Gorge.

DVD: 65 mins.


The Ark and the Darkness: Unearthing the Mysteries of Noah’s Flood

Daniel A. Biddle, Ph.D.

How Did People Live to Be Over 900 Years Old Before the Flood? When was Noah’s Flood and How Long Did It Last? How Could All the Animals Fit on the Ark? Answers to questions like these as well as recent discoveries reveal that what many thought was only a myth is actually more terrifying than fiction…

Paperback: 198 pages


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