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Risen Without a Doubt Package with Bonus Products

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What fact do we most often miss when presenting the Gospel that makes it the true Gospel? Upon what does all of Christianity hinge?

Yes! The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ! But how much do you really know about this history-altering event? Find out as Eric Hovind and Tim Chaffey take you on a journey of the Resurrection week.

This package includes:

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Risen Without a Doubt (DVD Series)

Tim Chaffey

What fact do we most often miss when presenting the Gospel that makes it the true Gospel? Upon what does all of Christianity hinge?

Yes! The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ! But how much do you really know about this history-altering event? Find out as Eric Hovind and Tim Chaffey take you on a journey of the Resurrection week.

These twelve sessions on six DVDs will answer questions like:

  • Why did Jesus repeatedly tell people not to share with anyone that He was the Messiah?
  • Was He revealed as the Messiah at exactly the right time?
  • How did Jesus fulfill dozens of precise prophecies written centuries earlier?
  • Why did Pilate condemn Jesus even though he said he found no fault in Him?
  • How can we know that Jesus truly died on the Cross?
  • Why do skeptical arguments against the Resurrection fail miserably?
  • Are there contradictions in the Crucifixion and Resurrection narratives?
  • How can we use the Resurrection to defend the Christian faith?

Different and deeper than anything you have ever studied on the subject, Risen Without a Doubt delves into questions you haven’t even thought to ask. Join Tim and Eric to relive minute details as they walk you through Jesus Christ’s betrayal, trial, Crucifixion, and Resurrection, dispelling every skeptic’s argument against this universe-altering, miraculous event. Get ready to confidently proclaim, “HE is RISEN!

The Apostle Paul tells us that if Jesus did not rise from the dead, our faith is in vain. In these Bible-affirming videos, Tim and Eric help Christians build confidence in the Resurrection as recorded in the pages of Scripture and challenge skeptics to submit to the risen Savior to forgive their sins.
—Ken Ham, President, Answers in Genesis

I was greatly blessed tonight as our church watched the 3rd DVD of the new series “Risen Without A Doubt.” They keep getting better! I love how Tim Chaffey just overflows with insights about the resurrection of Jesus. I already know I want to watch the series a second time to glean what I am missing the first time through. It has also produced good discussion at our church. I highly recommend it!
—Grace Mally

We’ve been watching sessions of the Risen series. I’ve really enjoyed watching Eric and Tim share the truths about the Resurrection! They’ve simplified it and given so many interesting truths, some I’d never heard before. Thanks for your energy and your humor. :)

Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?” —John 11:25-26

“And if Christ is not risen, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins!”  —1 Corinthians 15:17

About the Speakers:

Tim Chaffey, Bible-believing Christian, husband, father, teacher, apologist, author, and cancer survivor, founded Risen Ministries to defend the Word of God from beginning to end. He serves as the Content Manager for Answers in Genesis’ Attractions Division, which includes the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter.  Tim has earned advanced degrees, specializing in theology, church history, and apologetics, and he has authored several books on creation and apologetics including In Defense of Easter.

Eric HovindCreation Today President, passionately reaches people with the life-changing Gospel message and his in-demand speaking itinerary has included five foreign countries and all fifty states. Eric leads on the apologetics cutting edge, translating creation materials into 42 languages and pioneering a Creation Network and the Genesis 3-D Movie.

Both men share a deep desire to impact the world to know and defend their Creator—the RISEN Lord Jesus Christ!

Set includes:

  • Six one-hour DVDs, each divided into two sessions for a total of twelve 30-minute sessions.
  • Small Group Curriculum Discussion Guide
  • Web Address for online Discussion Guide Answer Key
  • Bonus Features include Tim Chaffey’s movie review of Columbia Picture’s Risen

6 DVDs: 6 hours


In Defense of Easter: Answering Critical Challenges to the Resurrection of Jesus

Tim Chaffey

We would still be in our sins, and the Christian faith could not exist. Jesus would be a fraud since He frequently predicted His own Resurrection, even designating it as His sign for an unbelieving world.

Skeptics and critics understand the magnitude of the Resurrection, and they have developed numerous theories in their desperate attempts to explain away the wealth of evidence. The early Christians focused uniquely on Christ’s conquering of death. Yet many in the church today only discuss this vital doctrine at Easter time—and some fail to mention it entirely when attempting to share the gospel with unbelievers.

In Defense of Easter is a biblical and timely apologetic resource that teaches readers:

  • How history and archaeology support the Resurrection
  • Why skeptical explanations come up short
  • How the Resurrection provides hope and comfort
  • Whether Easter is a pagan holiday

Equip yourself to answer today’s skeptical challenges and strengthen your confidence in the risen Savior. Discover why everything hinges on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Gary Habermas, Distinguished Research Professor, Liberty University & Theological Seminary, wrote the following about In Defense of Easter:

Challenges to Jesus’ Resurrection are frequently made on the popular level, and answers must be forthcoming. Tim Chaffey’s volume responds to many of these contemporary questions, as well as moving beyond arguments and evidences to the application of Resurrection truth. What difference can belief in the resurrection mean for believers today? This volume is an accessible handbook that covers a wide range of issues, both more theoretical as well as practical. I very much enjoyed my time with it, and recommend it to those who love this topic and are interested in material that is not readily available elsewhere.

Paperback: 216 pages


Shrouded In Mystery

Tim Chaffey

The Shroud of Turin features a faint image of a man that had been beaten, flogged, and crucified. Some believe this ancient linen is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, while others flatly reject it, believing that the Bible and science rule it out. Yet no one can explain how the image was formed. Is the Shroud an elaborate hoax or could it actually be the burial cloth of Jesus?

1 DVD: 1 hr 14 mins

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