Tower of Babel: The Cultural History of Our Ancestors eBook (EPUB, PDF, MOBI)


Bodie Hodge

Hodge researched ancient texts, critical clues and rare historic records for the purpose of defending the Biblical account of the tower of Babel. Written in layman’s terms, The Tower of Babel is an excellent way to find your cultural connection to the Bible. It is also a great reference for Biblical classes, ancient history, and apologetics training.

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Bodie Hodge

Study the real-life event of the Tower of Babel and its impact today. In today’s culture, the battle over Genesis 1-11 is raging on. One of the key battle points is the account of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. Many today, even within the church, attack this account as mythology or that it has little to no value in history and needs to be reinterpreted.

  • Do their claims stand up? Not at all! Don’t be deceived, come and learn what the world has tried to hide from you:
  • Was the Tower of Babel real and what did it look like?
  • Where does your ancestry come from?
  • What about the great ages of the patriarchs and how does that relate to pagan ancestor worship?

The world’s religion of evolution and millions of years has done what they can to suppress ancient history and try to “rewrite it.” Sadly, the next generation is being taught this evolutionary make-believe history (often called “revisionist history”).

Download: 252 pages


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