I can’t believe this is even necessary.

It came to our attention that a group of atheists is planning on protesting the very existence of the brand new Ark Encounter and is using the grand opening as a platform to disseminate false information about the Ark Encounter, our Freedom of Religion, and Separation of Church and State issues.

We would like to take a video crew and an expert on the Constitution to engage these Atheists and confront the lies they are trying to spread to the American public.

Since this is a brand new opportunity and is outside our normal operating budget, we are asking if you would help us get to the Ark Encounter to Protest the Protest that is going to take place.

Watch this video to see what is going on.

Total Travel Expenses: $1500

Travel from Pensacola:
Eric Hovind, Clint Smith and Commander.
1,396 miles round trip.

Traveling from Columbus, OH:
Victor Brewer of Infinite Impact
292 miles round trip.

Traveling from Raleigh, NC:
Jake Macaully from Institute on the Constitution
Flight from Raleigh plus Rental Car

Lodging: $640
2 rooms for 2 nights: $640? (Yeah, that’s what I said! Turns out there is a race going on in the area and hotel rooms are renting for a premium!)

Meals: $360
3 days of meals for 5 men at $24 per day.

Salaries: $1,500
These guys have families to feed!

Total Expenses: $4,000

All donations will go to Creation Today, a verified 501-C3 Not-for-Profit organization. Your support is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

We will be so thankful for your investment into the lives of these Atheists and for the many that will see the videos produced from this and learn the truth about our country and the amazing God we serve!

Any funds that come in over our needed expenses will be given as a gift to the Ark Encounter.

Thank you for serving with us.