When GENESIS: Paradise Lost was nominated for SIX awards at the International Christian Film Festival, Ralph, Tim, and I made plans to attend the annual gathering of film makers, musicians, directors, screen writers, and fans from all over the country.

Seriously, this event is like the Oscars, but for Christians! We were thrilled to meet notable pioneers in the Christian film industry like David A.R. White from Pure Flix, Sam Sorbo from Let There Be Light, Michael Tait from the Newsboys, and John Grooters the Director/Producer of Tortured for Christ.

On Saturday afternoon, before the awards were announced, Ralph and I had the pleasure of showing GENESIS: Paradise Lost to a room full of festival attendees. Hearing their comments after the show was incredible!

Vincent, the producer of DeMarco Films, commented that the quality of GENESIS: Paradise Lost was unbelievable and how thrilled he was to have a film of this caliber to reach the lost.

Luke, another writer/filmmaker, was equally impressed,

I thought it was a wonderful film… Everyone was so informative as far as creation goes. You’re used to hearing the evolution side, it’s nice to know that there are intelligent people out there with PhDs and other degrees, who do believe in creation. Not only does the film flow really well, it keeps you intrigued through the whole thing. The cinematography is beautiful and the 3D elements are superb. This is one of the best documentary films I have ever seen.

I also got a chance to talk to a lovely couple who are involved in screenwriting. Bob and Kim loved the imagery of Genesis and were astounded at the quality of the CG animation. Bob was excited about the way Genesis 

This film is a very creative way to depict the beginning according to Scripture. I thought the dramatization and use of scientific media was very effective in presenting what we know as Christians to be the truth in regards to the origins of the universe vs what is being promoted. It’s clear to me that the more you know about Scripture, from the beginning all the way through to Revelation, it’s all based on the foundational element of God creating from nothing what we have now in creation. And if that can be eliminated, eroded, or made to put into question in any way, then all the rest of Scripture is questionable. And that is where the enemy has attacked the greatest: in that foundational area of Creation. Because that is the most effective way to take a building down; crumble its foundation.

But one of my very favorite conversations was with Curtis Graham, Director of The Favorite. Before watching GENESIS: Paradise Lost, Curtis would have referred to himself as an Old Earth Creationist. Not anymore!

I got to see the Genesis film today and I was blown away! Being a history nut, archaeologist, apologetics, and all that, it brought out all these points. I was a million-years kind of creationist because I thought the evidence supported that. GENESIS: Paradise Lost absolutely changed the way I am thinking about God’s Word. I did believe God’s Word before, but that was one thing I was holding back on. I just couldn’t accept it. Then to see the way that they demonstrated what Genesis was all about, recreating it beautifully; it was so well done! It’s like a masterpiece in explaining and showing what happened in the Bible.

Surrounded by amazing filmmakers and their equally fantastic films, Ralph and I found ourselves trying not to presume victory before the awards ceremony. Even if we didn’t win, it was an honor to be considered with other films of that caliber. Nothing can describe the incredible feeling of hearing Ralph’s name called to receive the award for Best Director. After seven years of labor, the recognition for a job well done was amazing! Yet we both know that we could never have succeeded in this venture without God’s help and your support. Thank you! Please continue to pray with us as the Genesis Movie impacts many more around the world to KNOW and SHARE their faith in their Creator.