This week I was back on the Thom Hartmann show, this time discussing Christianity and ISIS. During our conversation my host referred to Creationists as “The Christian Taliban” for wanting to teach Creation in schools. According to him, teaching Creation along with Science is no different than teaching Astrology along with Astronomy or Alchemy along with Chemistry.

Yet all I want is for science to be taught in Science class. The evolutionary worldview is not scientific! Nowhere in Science can you find something coming from nothing as is taught by the Big Bang.

There are over 300 dog breeds in the world. So to say, “Dogs bring forth a variety of dogs,” is scientific. We can observe, test, and demonstrate that. But to say, “Dogs evolved slowly over millions of years from a non-dog ancestor,” is NOT scientific. Since it is impossible to observe, test, or demonstrate dogs coming from something non-dog, that idea is a supernatural one and therefore fits into the category of religion, not science!

By definition: apes to man evolution is nothing more than a religious worldview.

Darwin said that if evolution is true, we will find lots of evidence in the fossil record. But when that evidence proved elusive, Stephen Jay Gould claimed that the lack of evidence only proves that evolution happened in rapid bursts by a process known as punctuated equilibrium. So the lack of evidence is now the proof?

But the most important fact, which Thom chooses to ignore, is that if you don’t believe in a Creator who gave us moral laws, then you have no basis for believing that anything is right or wrong. Therefore, to accuse Christians of being like ISIS is completely invalid because your worldview can’t even explain why this would be a bad thing!

Watch the full interview with Thom Hartmann here:

Thanks for reading and thanks for praying!