>>>Responding To Sudden Loss

Responding To Sudden Loss

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This morning I received one of those heart stopping phone calls. It was from Randy Koenig. With ten adopted children, Randy and his wife Linda have spent their life investing in others. The children have a singing group called Twice Adopted and their lives are spent encouraging others as they go around the country singing gospel music. Their show has enjoyed the company of many since they began performing in Branson back in 2009.

It all began in 1990, when Randy and Linda Koenig decided to adopt their first two children. In October of 1990, they traveled to Lima Peru and after spending three exciting months in the country, they brought home their first two children – two baby girls. The girls kept both mom and dad busy with everything they did. Linda decided to leave the workplace to train her children at home. They remained a family of four for the first six years of their daughters’ lives. Then in 1996, Randy and Linda adopted their first child in the United States. A year later, two more girls came from Guatemala. Before they knew it, the house was filled with the laughter of many children, as more children were welcomed into the family in the years to follow. What an exciting life Randy and Linda have enjoyed!

The children’s singing group adopted their name, Twice Adopted, because they were adopted twice. First by their parents and secondly by God when they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. “It’s the perfect name for our singing group, because we mainly sing Gospel songs. In addition, our parents have made this home such a fun and exciting home for us and we are so thankful to God for all He has done for us.” – Twice Adopted

This morning I received a phone call from Randy with those words that make you stop everything you are doing.

My wife Linda went home to be with the Lord on Sunday.

Twice Adopted Mom Linda

The following is from their blog.

Many of you have heard that our mother passed away after suffering from a massive heart attack on Sunday morning, July 27th, at 3:08 AM.  This came as such a shock and so quickly, but we know she is with our Lord now and we know that she is having a wonderful time! Please continue to pray for us that we will be strong and be able to make it through this and get all details completed for her service coming up this Saturday.  I will email and post on our website more details as soon as we get it all settled.  Our family is overwhelmed by the love and prayers that you all have sent us.  Thank you so much!!  We are praying that lives will be touched and that through all this, God’s name will be glorified!  Although we don’t understand it, God does and His ways are always best AND He never makes mistakes!  Mom was an amazing person and her life’s legacy will continue…

Thank you all.  Keep praying for us,
Callie for all of our family

It is such a joy to see a family that has been singing about the glory of God express their love for the Lord even in the midst of tragedy.

If you would like to be a tangible blessing from God to a family that has given to so many, please click here or go to the Facebook page set up in Linda’s Honor.

To the family of Twice Adopted, our hearts go out to you and rejoice with you as Linda has finished her race. Absent with the body, she is present with our Lord. May we continue to run our race as faithful servants of Christ.

For God’s Glory,

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