What does -22 degree weather, the smell of 2-stroke exhaust, and 3 feet of powder do? It brings 25 guys together for an unforgettable experience in West Yellowstone with a common goal of changing the world!

I just returned from a trip to Montana where I and 24 other men spent a few glorious days drifting through powder, powering up mountains, and hitting a few trees along the way! The pain I feel while sitting here writing is a wonderful reminder of the “fun” we all experienced. In one word it was “Breathtaking,” and not because of the -22 degree weather, but because we were experiencing something beyond “mother nature.” We were experiencing fellowship with each other in the unity of the Holy Spirit.


Our common comrade was Joe BakerSave the Storks President of Colorado Springs, Colorado. At his invitation, we embarked on a journey that I am convinced will change the nation and the world. In the evenings, we discussed a Save the Storks mission that you will have to wait to hear about from them. Let’s just say that it is BIG.

In case you haven’t heard of them, Save the Storks exists to partner with pregnancy resource centers to give abortion-vulnerable women a real choice. This organization’s work with local pregnancy centers helps them offer incredible services for expectant mothers providing ongoing health care and support to women in crisis during their pregnancy and after their baby is born.

Through Stork partnerships with pregnancy centers, Storks provide tools, resources, and a Stork Bus to minimize the distance between pro-life professionals and the women who need them most. Storks also supplies various consulting packages to help pregnancy centers best utilize their staff and resources to reach a greater number of women.


Why is this so important?

This Sunday, January 22, marks 44 years since the 1973 Roe v. Wade US Supreme Court decision legalized the killing of unborn children. The somber results record our nation aborting more than 58 million babies. Human lives lost to abortion exceed the number of people living in the western third of the US—the entire populations of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, and Utah!

Some churches commemorate a Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, others observe all of January as Sanctity of Life month. Actually, every day is a good day to share that human life is sacred.

Choice, is a brand new 5-minute Spoken Word Poetry Video put together by Living Waters Ministry President Emeal Zwayne. Living Waters has graciously given permission for churches to show this video to their congregations and for all to share its powerful message on social media. They even offer a .99¢ High Definition Download version for public screening. Please take a moment to watch this important video below and then share it with others.


This second video shows what Joe and his team are doing with Stork Busses across America.


Thanks for reading and thanks for praying. Let’s help save the storks and change the world!