>>>SIX Nominations at the International Christian Film Festival

SIX Nominations at the International Christian Film Festival

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We would like to thank the International Christian Film Festival for nominating GENESIS: Paradise Lost for the following awards. 

Best Animation / Most Creative / Most Inspirational
Best Director / Best Documentary / Best Trailer

The annual International Christian Film Festival highlights all that God is doing through Christian and Faith-Based films around the world. We are excited to announce that GENESIS: Paradise Lost will be featured in this year’s International Christian Film Festival, held May 2 – 5. GENESIS: Paradise Lost‘s showtime is Friday, May 4, at 12 NOON in the Oleander Room of the Wyndham Orlando Resort.
All are welcome to attend any of the week’s celebrations; including the Awards Ceremony on Saturday evening from 8 pm – Midnight. While many of the events are already sold out, tickets are still available for some events if you want to join the festivities.
What an honor to be nominated by the International Christian Film Festival in so many categories! We praise God for the great things HE has done in us, and through us! Truly HE is before all things—in the beginning . . . GOD!
Whether in person or from your hometown, we hope you will root us on in this opportunity to give God glory! And while you are cheering, please post reviews on Christian Cinema, Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDb! YOUR words make a difference in spreading the Creation to the Cross message of GENESIS: Paradise Lost!

Want To Watch GENESIS Tonight?

Thanks for reading and for reviewing,

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