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Taking the Dinosaurs Back – Season 3 Episode 13

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Two hundred years ago, scientists began discovering and digging up fossilized bones of large extinct creatures. In this week’s Creation Today Show, Paul and Eric show that these creatures were, quite correctly, labeled as dragons, even in scientific literature, and even after the word dinosaur had been coined. As Paul and Eric discuss the history of the discovery of dinosaur fossils, we see that God’s Word accurately records references to such creatures, because God made them along with the other animals in the beginning!

About the Author:

Eric Hovind grew up immersed in the world of apologetics and following college graduation in 1999, he began full-time ministry. President and Founder of Pensacola-based organization, Creation Today, Eric’s passion to reach people with the life-changing message of the Gospel has driven him to speak in five foreign countries and all fifty states. He lives in Pensacola, Florida with his wife Tanya and three children and remains excited about the tremendous opportunity to lead an apologetics ministry in the war against evolution and humanism.