>>>The Adventure Behind the Adventures

The Adventure Behind the Adventures

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Everyone likes a good adventure! And no one understands this better than Pat Roy, the creator, writer and producer of the Jonathan Park Creation Adventure Audio Series. (If you don’t already know, Jonathan Park adventures are action-packed audio stories full of scientific evidences that align with the biblical account of creation.)

But little did Pat know (when Jonathan Park was first launched in 2001) that the ensuing 14 years of production would be filled with their own behind-the-scenes adventure. The adventure that many haven’t heard is the untold story – the amazing story of redemption within the journey of Jonathan Park itself, as God worked through a few dedicated people to “save” Jonathan Park, not once, but twice!

I’ll have to wait until another time to tell you about this incredible story that began in 2001, but the exciting news is that on March 11, 2014, CreationWorks officially became the new home for the Jonathan Park Audio Adventure series. Thanks to God and to those who prayed for and contributed to this important work, the truth of creation and the scientific evidence that aligns with Scripture now continues to be told through Jonathan Park adventures.

Jonathan Park adventures have been rebranded, re-mastered and rereleased under CreationWorks. The highly anticipated Album 10 (The Journey Home) is now available. You can see this and many other exciting, upcoming products at www.JonathanPark.com.

Speaking of Jonathan Park adventures, my daughter and I were just recently on a trip together and we were listening to one of the albums. After the first episode, we were on the edge of our seats! We couldn’t wait to hear the next episode! I would like for you and your family to experience these exciting adventures too! That’s why our good friends at CreationWorks, makers of Jonathan Park Adventures, and Creation Today are teaming up to offer you an incredible opportunity…an opportunity to create a win-win . . . Well, actually, a win-win– win-win! After all, we all love a “win-win”, don’t we?

Here’s what is going on:
If you haven’t heard, God blessed our good friends at CreationWorks as they recently were able to “save” Jonathan Park through an unbelievable outpouring of support from Jonathan Park fans to keep it alive! So they quickly got to work and rebranded and re-released all the exciting Jonathan Park Creation Adventure albums. Not only that, they just released Album 10 – The Journey Home,  completing the first series of albums! To celebrate this monumental milestone, Creation Today would like to invite you to participate in this very unique pair of win-wins!

It all happens when you purchase this legacy Jonathan Park collection for your family for Christmas!

Here’s how it works:

First, when you purchase this complete collection of albums for Christmas, you will receive 25% off the retail price – that’s $70 off the retail price of $279.99 – Only $209.99 for OVER 52 HOURS OF ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL CONTENT that proclaims the Truth of Creation and the Gospel – YOU WIN!

Second, for every collection sold, CreationWorks will donate $35 to Creation Today – CREATION TODAY WINS!

Third, in addition to this generous donation to Creation Today for every collection sold, CreationWorks will donate an ADDITIONAL $35 toward the production of our upcoming Genesis 3-D movie – THE VIEWERS WIN!

And last, but not least, by participating in this exciting Christmas promotion, you’ll help our friends at CreationWorks achieve their goal of successfully saving and re-launching Jonathan Park – CREATIONWORKS WINS!

My whole family absolutely loves Jonathan Park and I know you will too!

So if you would like to support THREE great causes, bless your family, and receive a classic gift this Christmas season, let me encourage you to go to JonathanPark.com, purchase the 4-CD album collection, and enter the promotional code “Creation Today” at checkout.
Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers, and please help Creation Today spread the Gospel while equipping your family to defend Creation through Jonathan Park Creation Adventures!”



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