Has the key to evolution’s downfall been around since 1957? If you’re someone who enjoys science, then you might consider the fact that the theory of evolution has had its fair share of significant gaps and holes since the beginning, but the presentation of Haldane’s dilemma should solidify the theory’s unscientific foundation for any doubters still out there. 

In the Creation Today show, “How to Destroy Evolution in 5 Minutes,” my new friend and director of Living Waters Europe, John Harris, explained the foundation and background of this scientific dilemma. You’ll have to watch the show and stick with us for the first several minutes of scientific explanation. But then we get to the fun part. The destroying evolution part!

In order to calculate how long it would take for a common ape-like ancestor to evolve to the modern day human, Mr. Harris uses a chart to show how many “base pairs” of DNA would need to evolve a certain percentage via positive mutations each generation. Setting aside the improbability of beneficial mutations, Mr. Harris continues his generosity with the evolutionists by decreasing the percentage difference between apes and humans, and assuming that there was a beneficial mutation each generation. 

Now, even with all this generosity, the math just doesn’t add up! Even assuming the most favorable conditions to evolution, Haldane’s Dilemma shows that it would take approximately 180 billion years to get from ape-like creature to man. Imagine how long it would take if you plugged in the real numbers, which are much much higher!

If you’re confused or unsure of what I am talking about, never fear! Check out the show below and John Harris will explain everything you need to know. So get ready to take notes and be able to prove the death of evolution!