Sometimes, as Christians, we can forget the weight of how awesome salvation truly is! We are filthy, wicked sinners who are so undeserving of grace and forgiveness; yet God extends His love, grace, and forgiveness so freely to us. What a powerful testimony of the goodness, holiness, and majesty of our great God!

After sitting down with a Twitter friend of mine, Daniel, I was reminded of these powerful truths. In the Creation Today show, “From Atheist to Evangelist,” Daniel shares the miraculous work of God in his own life. Before Christ, he had a huge ego and thought that Christianity was crazy! Daniel discusses how atheists truly do not understand what true Christianity is and the implications it has. And that was him.

But, after interacting with some of Creation Today’s content on Twitter, Daniel messaged me to argue his position. After a bit of back and forth, I sat down for a phone call with him, and we discussed all things science, religion, atheism, and Christianity. To be perfectly honest, I don’t remember every detail of that conversation, but Daniel says it stuck with him. 

That phone call led to months of searching, studying, and questioning for Daniel. Was it possible that all of the beliefs he had held for so long were wrong? God was working on him, and even though the process was long, it was worth every moment. Eventually, Daniel came to the realization that God is real, and, from there, he learned about salvation and put his faith in Jesus Christ! What a miracle!

Daniel’s story is so much more than what I could sum up in a short blog, so we made a special exception this week and made the full hour and a half long conversation available to everyone! You don’t want to miss this testimony of God’s faithfulness in His pursuit of one man’s soul.