According to the atheistic evolutionary worldview, everything that is currently in existence at one time came from nothing. Yet for some reason the Atheists on my facebook page still don’t see the humor in the pictures we posted last week.

Matthew 7:26 says; And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:

First was this picture with the caption, “Atheist Logic”. Yes, a little sarcastic, but it made the point none the less. According to the logic of evolution, slow gradual changes over a long period of time will form things as complex as humans. The problem is, this doesn’t happen in the real world, only the world of Science Fiction. Yet you should read some of the comments left by Atheists! I have posted a few of the ones I found humorous below the photo.



A frequent commenter named Roland said this:

If you studied evolution, abiogenesis, and planet and star formation, then you would see that these do not just rely on chance. Evolution relies on genes and hereditary, and the processes underlying these. Abiogenesis relies on physics and chemistry, and the processes underlying those. Planet and star formation likewise rely on physics and chemistry, and the process underlying those.

Chance plays a role, but not the complete role as suggested by your analogy.

And you have had this pointed out to you continually.

Tom, another frequent commenter said:

Do sandcastles have little baby sandcastles then?

I guess he forgot the post was about erosion, not pregnant sandcastles.
Paul, someone I am not as familiar with said:

Eric, why do you present straw man memes which are clearly not at all analogous to what the typical atheist believes? You are either philosophically ignorant or willfully misleading. I’m not sure which is worse.

And to anyone who thinks this is solid apologetics, I urge you to read the work of heavy hitters and not the sorry arguments from Eric.

Bad or fallacious arguments are harmful to serious dialog, and Eric Hovind is a major offender.

Perhaps Paul is not aware of the fact that most, if not all Atheists, do believe in Evolution. And yes, evolution does teach that over a long period of time simple things became more complex.
While reading some of the comments I realized that the argument could be made even simpler. So I created a meme that asks Atheist where the sand to even make the sand castle came from. This gets down to one of the ultimate questions in apologetics, “Why is there something instead of nothing?”



As you can see there are a lot of comments. Here was an exchange that I thought was humorous.

Bob Barna: …You’re better than this, Eric. You’re more intelligent than this. I’ve seen you in debates. Don’t pander like this to yous constituency. You’re not preparing them to defend their religion. You’re preparing them to get torn apart if they try to bring things like this to anyone with a modicum of scientific understanding.
Like · February 26 at 10:00am

Paul Ruh: Totally.
Like · February 26 at 10:08am

Eric Hovind: Bob Barna, thanks for your faith in me. So, please explain how this argument can be “torn apart” scientifically, without pontificating, without name calling, and without condescension. Because that is all I’m getting from your buddies on here.
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Steve Etches: It’s really simple Eric, sand doesn’t evolve as it’s not alive.
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Eric Hovind: If it didn’t evolve, then how did it get here?
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Steve Etches: Well it depends on the type of sand grain you are talking about. The most likely cause is that it is formed by erosions from an igneous rock.
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Bob Barna: My magical invisible purple dragon put it there. He said in his book that he created the universe, is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and died for my sins. His book says that this story is corroborated by hundreds of thousands in various cities, from Florence to New York City. He says that to doubt the truth of this book is punishable by missing dessert for the day (he’s loving and forgiving).

Please disprove that sand is created by my magical invisible purple dragon.
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Eric Hovind: So, you are abandoning evolution, then?
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Bob Barna: This was obviously a tongue-in-cheek assertion to attempt to create a corollary. However, as we both know, the strength of an argument has nothing to do with the voracity of belief behind it, so my point remains – it could’ve been a magical invisible purple dragon.

And before anyone jumps on me, this isn’t intended as an insult to the god you believe exists; it’s a genuine question attempting to get at a differentiation to claims similar to yours, but with a different deity such that you would reject it.
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Bob Barna: Well to be accurate, he claims to believe atheists believe sand evolves
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Eric Hovind: Bob, I asked you to explain without pontificating and you just entertained us with fairy tales of invisible magic purple dragons. If you are abandoning evolution to argue in favor of magic purple dragons please let me know.
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Please keep praying for these Atheists. They need the love of Christ demonstrated to them so that they will come to a knowledge of the truth.

Thanks for reading.