Hero Trailer:

With the new movie Justice League coming out tomorrow and taking up many of the 3D screens around the country, we made a trailer that we ALMOST used but decided not to release! 🙂 See below, and if you like it, share it!!!

We have been BLOWN AWAY by the responses we are getting from those of you who have already experienced Genesis: Paradise Lost! Thank you so much for your support and kind words about a film that we have spent so much time and energy working on. I just heard from David Barton of Wallbuilders who said this to us.

What better way to present America’s forgotten history than with the movie that starts at the very beginning—Genesis chapter 1!  Full of high-tech animation, this 3D, out-of-the-box documentary film propels you to experience Genesis chapter one in a way that you’ll never forget! —David Barton, Founder of WallBuilders

 The Trailer We Didn’t Use

In theaters Thursday Night. Tickets available at genesisparadiselost.com.

One RAVING FAN named David had his company purchase tickets for all his employee’s. When he called the theater to purchase the tickets, they only had 25 seats left! Well… read his text messages to me to see his experience and learn how you can do this as well!

I spoke with the Theater they have you in a room that holds 125, and there are only about 25 tickets left. I spoke with Andy and he is speaking with a manager now to see if they can move you to a bigger theater. He said because Justice League,  Wonder, and Thor and other big movies released this week, that’s what the issue is. I told him I’d personally buy 50-100 tickets to get this done. So as soon as I hear anything I’ll let you know. Hope you guys are fantastic and having a great day! PS Hope you are selling out in big theaters nationwide, Bro!?

Then I got this text just a few minutes ago!

Spoke with Andy. They moved the show from the 125 seat auditorium to the largest 2D they have, 380 seats. Let’s go sell some tickets!

If you have a theater near you, we would love to have a sold-out audience on Thursday! Can you help make that happen with us?

P.S. One more funny story… I just got off the phone with a ministry leader who is speaking to a group on Thursday Night and can’t go see the movie. He told me that he is going to buy tickets online anyway to help sell out the theater even though he can’t attend. 🙂 I laughed and told him Thank You!!!

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