I remember the first time I was asked the dreaded question in a public arena. I had flown out to California to speak in the large Calvary Chapel of about 4,000 people, with a question-and-answer time afterwards. I had just spoken on lies in the textbooks and covered the idea that vestigial organs are not proof of evolution. After answering several questions, it was an outspoken evolutionist in the back of the auditorium that raised his hand and asked the dreaded question:

“Why do males have nipples?”

As my face turned red I responded with the answer that made the most sense and said, “So that we don’t look funny in bathing suits!”

After a good laugh we did get to the real answer. This is a question that has troubled people for a long time, not to mention a kind of embarrassing one to answer. I’ve read the Answers Book from Answers in Genesis along with the book Why Vestigial Organs Are Fully Functional, but let me give you a very simple answer from both science and the Bible to help with this question. From the Bible, we know that Adam was made first, and then Eve, the woman, was made out of Adam. This is actually extremely important because genetically, men have everything it takes to be both a man or a woman. They have the X-chromosome and the Y-chromosome, along with all the other genes. A woman, however, does not have what is necessary to make a man. She only possesses two X-chromosomes. Which means that you cannot start with her DNA and produce a man. So God was simply thinking ahead in the design process. He knew that He had to build into the man everything necessary to form a woman.

So the reason males have nipples is because, if we didn’t, females wouldn’t, either.

Once again, science confirms what the Bible has already told us. Yes, God knew what He was doing.