If you want to change the world, do it one person at a time! Change the world with an act of kindness through a cup of coffee.

Have you ever wanted to share the Gospel with someone, but felt the one-on-one, cold-approach, communication with a total stranger might be awkward or seem pushy? How do you show love to someone that you just met? We’ve all been faced with this question. That’s why we offer you this simple new tract. It affords you a beautiful, simple, and nonthreatening way to share the Gospel. It is so simple and so effective that even the most introverted person will find themselves excited and even ecstatic about using it! 

Using the Pay-It-Forward mentality that our culture respects, we can pay forward the good news of Christ that our culture needs. You simply buy someone’s coffee and give them this card. As a Christian, you are paying forward the free gift of Salvation that was given to us by Jesus Christ. 

  • At a coffee shop, buy someone’s coffee in line next to you and hand them this card.
  • At a coffee shop drive-through, pay the bill for the car behind you, and ask the cashier to hand them this card.
  • Purchase a gift card, put it with a Why I Bought Your Coffee card, and give it away as a gift to a stranger. 

The business card simply reads WhyIBoughtYourCoffee.com. When a recipient of your generosity goes to the website, they read the brief story of the unfathomable gift God offers mankind—redemption through Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.

Here, let me show you how it works:


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