We live in an upside down world, that’s for sure! With so many lies being portrayed as truth, how can we, as Christians, stand against and respond to the muddying of the truth of God’s Word? Thankfully, my friend Dr. Louis Markos provides us with some amazing insight on this week’s Creation Today show, “God vs the gods.”

According to Dr. Markos, Satan can only flip and pervert God’s perfect design. As Christians, we need to have discernment to know when something that may initially have similarities to the truth of God’s Word is truly just a perversion of truth. But where does that discernment come from?

Dr. Markos gives some very practical tips on how to recognize and discern what is true. First, we must ask the Holy Spirit to guide us through the world of spiritual warfare that is all around us. Every believer is given the Holy Spirit to discern truth in a culture of lies. If something isn’t from God, the Holy Spirit will let us know, if we are willing to listen.

Part of that willingness to listen is reading the Bible on its own terms, which Dr. Markos says is the second thing we can do as we walk through a world of spiritual warfare. Instead of trying to fit other worldviews into the text of Scripture, we must read the Bible for what it is – God’s Word and the ONLY source of objective truth. When we take God at His Word, we show that we are willing to listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say. This mindset is crucial in discerning truth from lies in today’s culture.

This idea is summed up by a phrase from Dr. David Cooper of The Biblical Research Society. “When the plain sense of Scripture makes common sense, seek no other sense.” Instead of trying to fit Satan’s deception and competing worldviews into the Bible, read God’s Word for what it is: objective truth. It is only then that we can discern what is God’s truth in a world that props up the lies of false gods.