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Every year I spend a lot of time away from home; travelling and speaking on Creation Apologetics. So it’s always a treat when my family can go with me. Last week a road trip took us to Orlando, FL where an awesome friend, Steve, hooked us up with passes to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

In spite of my attempts two years ago to correct their misconceptions, Animal Kingdom is still trying to teach that an Asteroid killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Yet even Secular Scientists can’t seem to agree. There are literally hundreds of opinions regarding dinosaur extinction.

The asteroid theory is a prevalent one because of the layer of Iridium found around the globe. It is assumed that an asteroid created this layer 65 million years ago when it crashed into the earth; stirring up a dust cloud that resulted in the demise of the dinosaurs. Of course, this doesn’t explain why so many other species survived that global extinction and are functioning with very little change in our world today!

As a Creationist, I believe it more likely that the layer of Iridium was caused by all the volcanoes that would have been erupting during the time of the flood. Did you know that volcanoes actually produce Iridium? So multiple volcanoes, when the fountains of the deep broke up during the time of the worldwide flood, would be a much better explanation for the Iridium. And the dinosaurs weren’t killed by a meteor. They were drowned in a flood!

Not only that but recent excavations have unearthed dinosaur fossils that are 40% unfossilized! They still have soft biomaterial and DNA in them. That wouldn’t be possible if those bones were 65 million years old!

Science doesn’t lie and it’s NOT on your side
if you claim dinosaurs lived millions of years ago!

As I was doing a Facebook LIVE video outside of the dinosaur ride, a delightful lady named Linda spontaneously jumped into the conversation. Jokingly, she claimed to be a fossil. Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask her some questions!

I discovered that, like so many others in our culture, Linda believes the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago because that’s what she has been hearing her entire life. Although she acknowledged that everything was ultimately created by God, she was clearly confused by dinosaurs and millions of years. You can watch our conversation below:

Live from Animal Kingdom – Dinosaur Ride

Posted by Eric Hovind on Thursday, February 16, 2017

We need to educate people with the TRUTH!

I meet people like Linda all the time who say they believe that God created the world but they are confused by dinosaurs and millions of years. The truth is that God did it exactly as He said and that is what our ministry is all about — getting back to Biblical Authority. God’s Word really is true. We really can trust it. Not only is it true about the beginning, it’s also true about the ending and about what happened 2,000 years ago. Jesus Christ really did come. He lived a perfect life then died, was buried, and rose again defeating death and the grave so that you can have salvation through Him. If you have never experienced salvation from your sin, please check out the article on my website on How to Be Saved.

Great job on the ride, Disney! I loved the experience. But you got it all wrong on the dinosaurs!

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