By Curt Blattman of Bible Apologetics

If you believe in the theory of evolution, then the short answer must be a resounding no. Since evolution relies on millions of years of gradual growth from simple to more complex organisms – in other words from amoeba to man – this would clearly rule out the possibility that Adam was created fully formed by a divine act of God. A simple straightforward reading of the first three chapters of Genesis tells us that Adam was supernaturally made from the dust of the earth (Genesis 2:7) and that Eve was made from Adam’s rib. (Genesis 2:21-22).

The late creation scientist, Henry Morris, shared the following observation: “Another point important to recognize is that the creation was ‘mature’ from its birth. It did not have to grow or develop from simple beginnings. God formed it full-grown in every respect, including even Adam and Eve as mature individuals when they were first formed. The whole universe had an ‘appearance of age’ right from the start. It could not have been otherwise for true creation to have taken place. ‘Thus, the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them’ (Genesis 2:1).”1

Down through the centuries critics of a historical Adam and Eve have stated that they were a myth, an allegory, parables, and that Genesis 1-11 is meant to be poetry. The problem with all of these ‘theories’ is that unless Adam and Eve were real people many foundational biblical doctrine cease to have any meaning. Also, since Jesus and other New Testament authors refer to Adam and Eve as historical figures, to conclude otherwise, would invalidate the veracity of the New Testament.

According to Answers in Genesis: “That’s why a historical Adam and Eve are so important. If you deny a real Adam and real Eve, many of the doctrines in the Bible (including the gospel) would be incoherent. On many occasions, New Testament authors connect a historic Adam and Eve to foundational doctrine and it does not make sense if Adam and Eve were mythological.”2

Again, according to Answers in Genesis, consider the following passages that refer back to a historic Adam and Eve:3

  1.   Jesus affirms the special creation of Adam and Eve at the beginning (Mark 10:6).
  2.   Luke connects the human lineage of Jesus to Adam (Luke 3:38).
  3.   Jesus links the doctrine of marriage to Adam and Eve (Matthew 19:4–6).
  4.   Paul connects the doctrine of the church to Adam and Eve (Ephesians 5:30–32).
  5.   Paul argues for family order because of Adam and Eve (1 Corinthians 11:8–12).
  6.   Paul attaches the origin of sin in the world to Eve (1 Timothy 2:13–14).
  7.   Paul also connects death from sin to Adam (Romans 5:12–14).

I dare say that if Adam and Eve were not real historical people then how can we believe the rest of the Bible. Since many claim that evolution has to be true they jettison the biblical account of a real Adam and Eve in favor of this bankrupt theory. In closing I like what Henry Morris stated: “When science and the Bible differ, science has obviously misinterpreted its data.”4



Adam and Eve | Answers in Genesis

Adam and Eve | Answers in Genesis


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