If you didn’t already know, water is a big part of our lives! Our bodies are approximately 60% water, around 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans, and humans can die if they go just 3 or 4 days without the stuff! So for a world so dependent on water in many ways, why are things like the earth’s oceans such a mystery to so many? 

Well that is a great question, and exactly why I had my friend Dr. Frank Sherwin from the Institute for Creation Research come on this week’s Creation Today Show, “Oceans: Earth’s Mysterious Abyss”. Dr. Sherwin is quite the fascinating character, but he is also absolutely brilliant! His life story includes everything from almost failing high school biology, working for a city fire department, serving as a Navy jet engine mechanic, and going on to major in biology and get a master’s degree in zoology! Talk about interesting!

Dr. Sherwin discusses the evidence of a worldwide flood, which supports the Biblical account and how modern scientists are willingly ignorant of this factual scientific evidence. For example, evolutionists make claims of Mars being covered by a flood of Biblical proportions, but they also claim that it is unscientific to believe in a worldwide flood! Talk about speaking out of both sides of your mouth!

Now hold on…I know you may be thinking, “This is great and all, but what does this have to do with the mystery of Earth’s oceans?” And that is a valid question. But never fear! Dr. Sherwin talks about how the water that has been here since the beginning keeps the temperature of our planet safe for human habitation. Additionally, he discusses the fascinating features of creatures like trilobites and octopuses that show the brilliance of God’s design. 

This type of evidence is so hard to deny! In Dr. Sherwin’s words, “The evolutionists have come screaming and kicking to the Biblical view of things but aren’t acknowledging it as from God.” So what is the mystery of earth’s oceans? They are truly a mystery to the evolutionist who refuses to acknowledge God. What a fascinating perspective shift! You don’t want to miss all the details of this show with the brilliant Dr. Sherwin, so be sure you schedule some time into your week to learn about the thing that covers 70% of the earth’s surface!