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Stephen Hawking CAN’T be serious!

When I read Stephen Hawking’s article “Why God Did Not Create the Universe” (Wall Street Journal Sept. 4-5, 2010 P. W-3), I couldn’t help but laugh! I thought, This guy teaches at Cambridge University? He can’t possibly really believe what he wrote here, can he? Does he really believe this entire complex universe and all […]

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By Design or By Chance?

RC Helicopter and the bacterial flagellum It took me five minutes of coaxing my wife to get her to see the value of our family’s first RC helicopter for the kids. (When I say “kids.” I mean me. The Blade MCX is an amazing piece of engineering for just $99.00. I have not been disappointed! […]

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Creationism Dishonesty?

“Creationism Dishonesty and Immorality” is a YouTube video by Don Exodus that I have been watching. It’s interesting that an atheist would challenge a creationist on being immoral when from his own perspective he cannot give us a reasonable basis for morality! In his video, Creationists are blamed for being deceitful, “mining and inciting fear.” […]

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How Big is Big? Creation Minute 1

Many people do not have a proper perspective of God. Serving anything other than the one true God is called idolatry. The God that created the world is a big, big God! The Bible even says that the Earth is God’s footstool. How big is your God? Get the Creation Minute app on your iOS device. […]

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