August is here again!  It’s time for school supplies, last minute education decisions, back to school photos, meeting teachers, making new friends, and settling into a smooth, or at least functional, routine.  Even for those of us who homeschool, there is pressure to finalize curriculum plans, purchase last minute necessities, create schedules that we most likely won’t keep, and declutter the schoolroom before our “official” first day.  It’s overwhelming, yet common sense recognizes that failing to plan is just like planning to fail.  And no one likes to fail!
Naturally, parents want the best for their kids.  From the time they are born we worry about their food, clothing, education, friends, opportunities, interests, talents, and a myriad of issues ranging from trivial to crucial.  Yet, are we sufficiently concerned about the eternal?  Are we raising children who know what the Scriptures teach about their origins and their destiny?  Are they equipped to handle the clash of worldviews they will inevitably experience from the culture that surrounds them?  Can they articulate the story of Creation and show how the evidence supports the Biblical narrative?  Are they ready to defend the Truth?


For the past 150 years, our culture has purported a lie which has blatantly blinded billions to the truth.  Using natural phenomena like geologic layers, speciation, tectonic plates, the formation of continents, and the fossils of extinct animals numerous scientists, philosophers, and educators have cast doubt upon the biblical narrative and its relevance to science, history, and culture.  Even many prominent Christian leaders hesitate to take a stand regarding the manner in which God created our world, yet the Scriptures declare exactly what happened, “In the Beginning.”

“For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore, the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.” Exodus 20:11

Can you visualize it?  From the nothingness which we cannot even comprehend, God called forth light; instantaneously creating time, space, and matter.  With creative power He divided the light from the darkness; established the heavens; created boundaries for the water; flung the sun, moon, and stars into space; caused the sky, sea, and land to abound with astounding beauty and animal life; then fashioned man after His image, breathing into him the breath of life.  


Yet, with the very breath God gave them, multitudes reject their Creator, choosing rather to believe that nothing created something over billions of years.  Although scientific theories cannot account for the arrival of time, the placement of space, or the origin of matter, still they embrace the words of man and reject the Word of God.  Claiming that the evidence is on their side, secularists adamantly assert that there is no truth, no absolute morality, and no Judge to whom they are accountable. With growing fervor, these God-haters have taken over the education system, convincing the younger generation that they are nothing but a cosmic accident in this vicious circle that we call life.
So how do we reach a generation of young people who have been brainwashed by secular philosophy regarding their origins and their destiny?  How do we convey to them the consistency between the evidence and the Biblical account of Creation and the Flood? What method can we use to portray truth in such a way that our children understand how evolution contradicts the laws of nature, logic, and physics?  


With stunning visual effects and life-like animation, Genesis: Paradise Lost does something no other Creation film has dared to do!  It allows you to experience Creation as it may have happened!  Compelling interviews with well-known scientists reveal the way in which science confirms the history recorded in the Book of Genesis; visual aids accentuate the fact that Science and the Scriptures are not, and never have been, at odds with each other; and the rich, booming voice of cultural apologist, Voddie Baucham, lends a spine-tingling, hair-raising sensation to the narration and Scripture passages.  Most importantly, Genesis: Paradise Lost is evangelistic in nature, outlining the need for a Savior as it takes the viewer on a journey from Creation to the Cross.  Truly, this film is revolutionary!
When it comes to the souls of our loved ones, what profit is the best education, the highest paying job, the grandest house, the fastest car, or a vast array of the nicest things money can buy?  Without Jesus, it is all nothing. We created this movie to help you share the Gospel with those you love.  God created them for a purpose, it is our goal to help them sort through conflicting worldviews to discover their origin and their destiny, for the glory of God.  


To increase this film’s impact we need an army of culture warriors who will host movie nights or purchase copies of Genesis: Paradise Lost to pass out or donate to schools, churches, and public libraries.  This school year, instead of failing to plan for eternity, let’s use every opportunity we have to show others the Truth that can only be found in God’s Word.