“Man! This Creation Adventure is going to be a blast, Doc! Hey! We didn’t even have to crank up the DeLorean to get here. I can’t wait to see that mini Grand Canyon. I wonder how many years it took the Toutle River to carve that out? I heard it is over 100-feet deep. What are we driving around the mountain?”

“Marty, we aren’t driving. There are no roads. We’re hiking. And to your other assumption that erosion is chiefly a uniformitarian process, maybe you should consider the viability of catastrophic measures.”

“Uh, run that by me again, Doc.”

“I’m asking you to consider the possibility that the Toutle River didn’t erode this canyon on Mount St. Helens.”



“Now there you go again, Doc, showing off your eccentric scientific brain. I can’t even imagine what you are thinking up inside that inventor’s mind of yours. Of course, the Toutle River carved this mini Grand Canyon, just like the Colorado River carved out the Grand Canyon, right? You gotta get outta your lab a little more before . . . Hey look at this Guide’s backpack. It says . . . ”
Dr. Steve Austin
Outta time!

Instantly, it was 8:32, Sunday Morning, May 18, 1980, and it happened. Equal to a 50-megaton bomb exploding, the mountain blew up! The scale of it all was simply astonishing—a cataclysmic natural disaster. The world turned black and white . . . and that was just the beginning.

“Doc! What’s going on?”

“You must have ignited the plutonium in Dr. Austin’s backpack. We are, we are . . . Great Scott, Marty! We are in the middle of the Mount St. Helens volcanic eruption! Run!”

“Run where?”

“This way—WEST. At least I think that is what Dr. Austin said, something about it being the fastest way of escape. The mountain is blowing NORTH. The snow and glaciers atop the mountain are melting and combining with the ash to form dreaded lahars. The trapped water under the volcano will explode as it turns to steam. It’s going to cause devastating mudflows extending 150 miles out. An enormous plain of hot pumice will be deposited over the headwaters of the North Fork of the Toutle River and the south shore of Spirit Lake. As the water, pumice, ash, and debris build up pressure—the dam it created will break.”

“Doc, what about Dr. Austin?”

“Don’t worry, Marty, we’ll find him. Keep your shirt pulled over your nose and mouth.”

“Dr. Austin! Dr. Austin!”

“Here, Marty. Over here. I nearly fell into that 50 ft ravine of fast-moving water and debris. Now my foot is lodged in between these two logs. ”

“We’ll get you out.”

“Marty, use this limb. I think it is strong enough to pry it off.”

“Here Marty, we can tag team. This rock will give us a fulcrum. On the count of three. . . one, two, three!”

Dr. Austin: “Guys! Thank you. Now let’s move. That blast just leveled 3.2 billion board feet of prime forest, enough lumber to build 640,000 houses. We don’t have much time. The rockslide debris catastrophically displaced the water of Spirit Lake, and it’s producing waves up to 850 feet high at the north shore of the lake. We are going to be crushed.”

“Dr. A., how do you know all this stuff?”

“We don’t have time to answer that right now. I’ll explain it all in the Webinar and on the Creation Adventure.”

“Dr. A., as a scientist myself, I am a pretty inventive person, but what’s a w-e-b-i-n-a-r? Is that something like my DeLorean? And I think we are already on quite an ADVENTURE.”

“We’re outta time! Look out! Here it comes!”

And that’s how it started forty years ago. Mount St. Helens erupted causing catastrophic geologic damage. As one of the most powerful phenomenons in modern history, the Mount St. Helens eruption created the perfect outdoor lab for gathering factual evidence of how uniformitarianism may not represent the reality of how the geologic features we see today, actually formed.

The Marty’s and Doc’s see a new perspective when living out what happened 40 years ago with Dr. Steven Austin, who was intensely studying the mountain around the time of the eruption. And understanding the event sheds new light on our geologic assumptions. Exactly what took place May 18, 1980, and what has been happening since?

Does the observable, scientific facts of this catastrophe serve as evidence for the Biblical Flood and for destroying the evolutionary theory? Do the explosives results confirm God’s Word is true?

To find out, join Jay Seegert, Paul Taylor, Dr. Steve Austin, and me in a FREE live Webinar, Modern Day Evidence for the Worldwide Flood, on Sunday night, June 7, at 7:00pm CT. Gather the family and enjoy interacting with this live presentation from the comfort of your home.

This exciting Webinar includes:

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  • Updated information on the 40th Anniversary Trip to MSH


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Mount St. Helens provides 40 years of empirical data that support catastrophism and refute strict uniformitarianism. The eruptions have even changed the way secular scientists view Earth’s processes. Creation scientists continue using Mount St. Helens as a living laboratory to study the devastating effects of events like the global Flood and Earth’s rapid recovery in miniature. It is truly a lasting monument to the accuracy and trustworthiness of God’s Word!!

See ya at the Webinar and Creation Adventure,