What’s YOUR dream?

Have you ever waited a significant amount of time for something to happen in your life? Not just days or weeks, I’m talking about YEARS? Well, for the Creation Today Team, we have waited for years in order to experience what we experienced this past weekend!

Our Dream of Genesis in 4D!

Since the beginning of our Genesis 3D movie production, I have dreamed of it being used in a 4D immersive experience. It would be about as close as you could ever get to experiencing the creation of the universe this side of Heaven!

Four years ago I was speaking near Hershey, PA and had the opportunity to visit Hershey Park’s 4D theater. After that experience, it took my  4D dream to a new expectation! I just knew it was possible and couldn’t wait to see God work it all out! I even made this video about how awesome it would be.  

Seriously, what could be better than experiencing the first week of the entire universe in 4D? BTW: If you’ve never been to a 4D experience, YOU’VE MISSED OUT!  While you are watching the film in 3D your senses are also engaged in a fourth dimension. Your seat rumbles, air blows in your face, strobe lights accent the lightning, and … well, I better stop there so I don’t give away all the surprises! Bottom line—it’s like you’re there! I still can’t believe the team at Answers in Genesis spent almost a million dollars on that project. They are serious about people experiencing the “Biblical Creation.”

Thank you! Our Dream Came True!

Well, on August 10th, this dream became a reality! Answers in Genesis opened up the new 4D Special Effects Theater at their Creation Museum featuring a 22-minute excerpt of Genesis: Paradise Lost! The show is entitled In Six Days. People who have experienced it are blown away!

“Over the top!” “Totally amazing!”

“I never dreamed it would be this real!”

“This reminds me of scenes from Avatar!”

Creation Today extends a special, heartfelt “Thank you,” to all those involved in making this dream a reality including:

  • Director Ralph Strean
  • Executive Director Bill Harrity
  • AIG Staff that made this dream come true:
    • Paul Ludwig
    • Katelynn Jenkins
    • Tiffany Thomas
    • Rick Mendenhall
    • Kevin Mackey
    • Mike Prather
    • Ryan Paxton
    • Grant Bowling
    • Nathan Spyker
    • Nathan Chester
    • Tim Smith
    • Ryan Vogel
    • Derrik Suter
    • Doug Nelson
    • Ben Wilt
    • Sandy Wickert
    • Mark Nakoff

Why THIS Dream?

I am passionate about teaching the next generation the truth of God’s Word and God’s world because I see the number of students who are rejecting the Truth of God for a Lie. It is the beginning of a new school year, and right now 55 million students are being educated based on the lie of Evolution. The lie these students are experiencing is more significant than most realize. Embracing it has devastating effects in every area of life because it rejects God’s truth bringing brokenness, pain, and suffering. I know the results of embracing His truth—joy, and Life, and true freedom!

Because I witness these facts on a daily basis, I am eternally grateful for this new tool—AIG’s new 4D Theater—which we pray will help break down the evolution wall that lost people use to shield themselves from embracing the truth. Thank you again, to the many donors, prayer warriors, assistants, and hands-on individuals who God used to make this dream a reality.

How about you? Look at the people in your life who have helped you fulfill a dream and say, “Thank you!”

For God’s Glory,