Logically, we understand that two things making contradictory claims cannot both be true. Although it is possible for both things to be wrong, it is definitely not possible for both things to simultaneously be correct. Therefore, we can conclude that all belief systems cannot be true — because every religion claims different things about God, history, morality, origins, and the afterlife. So which is correct? Here are four areas to consider when examining a religious document for accuracy:

  1. History
  2. Science
  3. Internal Consistency
  4. Prophecy

Although the examples are limitless, please consider the following examples from each of these four areas to understand how the Bible is the only book to fulfill these four criteria and, as such, is diametrically different than any other religious book in the world.

History – The Hittite empire existed from about 1600-1180 BC in modern-day neo hittitesTurkey. As fierce rivals of the Egyptians and Assyrians, the Hittites are frequently reference throughout the Old Testament. When archaeologists initially failed to dig up any Hittite artifacts, many eagerly concluded that they were a mythical people invented by the Bible. It was not until 1906, when archaeologists dug wider and deeper in Turkey, that they discovered extensive evidence for a thriving Hittite empire. 1 The Bible was more trustworthy and historically accurate than ‘modern’ archaeologists, by the tune of over 3,200 years! If they had trusted that the Bible gave an accurate historical account, they could have saved centuries of foolishly teaching an incorrect history regarding the Hittite empire. And this is just one example!

Science – The entire surface of the Earth is evidence of a Global Flood as described in the Book of Genesis (Chapters 6-9). This is evidenced by the percentage of water on the earth’s surface and by fossilized clams and other sea life at the peak of Mt. Everest. What happened to all of the water that flooded the Earth in about 2300 BC? It is still here! While other planets are completely devoid of H2O, the Earth’s surface is covered with water, to the tune of 70%. During the Flood, the mountains that we see today were created, and the valleys got deeper. The oceans are in the valleys, and the continents are the mountains–the elevation that coincidentally is high enough to pop above sea level. 2

Massive, fossilized clams have been found in the closed position on top of Mt. Everest. Yet, Mt. Everest is 450 miles from the beach. Clams live on the ocean floor. When they die they open up immediately, and become sea shells. The height of Mt. Everest is 5.5 miles high. The only way those clams could be: extremely large (bigger than a bean bag), fossilized (only occurs when an object is quickly buried with water and mud), closed (only can happen if it’s quickly buried), and on the peak of Mt. Everest (5.5 miles high and 450 miles from the beach) is if a Global Flood occurred. Just like the Bible says.

In addition to Creation and the Flood, the Bible has other incredible science contained within it’s pages. Moses wrote, over 3,400 years ago, about ‘germ theory!’ It has to do with vitamins and hygiene. These same discoveries would not be embraced and discovered, under a microscope by “modern science,” until a little over 100 years ago! 3 The Bible, once again, beats modern scientists by over 3,300 years. Of course, this is exactly what we’d expect to find if God did inspire the Biblical authors, like Moses.

Internal Consistency – Of course you will hear all kinds of false claims from unstudied, disingenuous people (with ideological, emotional agendas to disprove the Bible) that “the Bible is inaccurate and has contradictions.” On close examination, study, analysis, and a thorough reading of the Bible, you will find that the Bible is 100% internally consistent, with zero errors. This is a remarkable feat, only achieved through divine inspiration, considering that the Bible was written over a period of over 1,500 years, in 3 different continents (Asia, Europe, & Africa), by all different kinds of people (the mass majority of whom had verbal, and some visual, communication with God).

Prophecy – Predicts the Future Accurately. Over 27% of the Bible is prophecy. One example is from the Book of Daniel, written in about 600 BC. Daniel, via a vision from God, predicted that Alexander the Great (“the king of Greece”) would conquer the Persian Empire. Almost 300 years later (from 334-323 BC), that is exactly what happened. In the works of Flavius Josephus, the Jewish historian recounts that when Alexander the Great was conquering the Levant and laying siege to Tyre, the high priest, Jaddus, ran up to Alexander and showed him the book of Daniel where his coming was predicted. Alexander read over the book of Daniel, agreeing that it matched him and his conquest exactly. 4

Artwork by Sebastiano Conca

Alexander the Great reads the prophecy of Daniel concerning himself.

These are just a sampling of examples to whet your appetite. For more research on this subject, I highly recommend starting with the DVD, “How Do We Know the Bible is the Inspired Word of God?” by Jay Seegert. There are many other books, articles, and DVDs which explore this topic. With careful study you can find answers and attain the utmost confidence in the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of the Living God.

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