This month’s Creation “Spotlight” is on Rick McGough, Speaker & President of Local Church Apologetics.

Rick & his wife Val moved to Moline, IL in 1982 to begin pastoring New Life Fellowship where they served for 34 years before stepping down in January of 2016 to pursue a full time ministry in the area of apologetics. In those 34 years they raised their 3 boys. Two of the 3 are all married and have children. All 3 of their sons have been involved in the church in various ways. Their youngest son, Stephen is now pastoring a church in Kewanee, Illinois.
Since stepping down from pastoring, Rick has established a new ministry entitled “Local Church Apologetics”. The ministry involves four main aspects. (1) Rick’s speaking to churches, schools, conferences, etc. (2) Writing and producing apologetics materials for churches and believers. (Rick’s first book entitled “Faith & Reason Made Simple” is now available) (3) Coordinating “Truth Conferences” in various locations across the nation, and (4) Developing a web site that will eventually be stocked with materials a local church would need to incorporate apologetics into their ministries at every age level. Rick and Val believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ has not changed, but the starting point in communicating that gospel message to people in America has changed. Many now have questions about whether or not God created us and if the Bible is the Word of God.
Rick and Val are committed to spreading God’s Truth all across the globe through conferences and apologetic ministry. Please take a few minutes to pray for and encourage Brother Rick or schedule an event with him. To learn more about the McGoughs and the ministries of “Local Church Apologetics” go to


February 24 – Truth Conference in Pensacola, FL

April 20-21 – Truth Conference in Moline, IL

September 22 – Truth Conference in Naperville, IL



Rick McGough


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