Author and friend William Gibbons has recently released his book Mokele-Mbembe: Mystery Beast of the Congo Basin, which combines all of the research and exploration done in the Congo of Africa over the last several decades into one exciting journey. Mr. Gibbons, coauthor of the book Claws Jaws and Dinosaurs after his third expedition to the Congo, says that 11 years later the evidence is even more overwhelming in favor of the beast. Mokele-Mbembe is an excellent overview that shows detailed fieldwork, and examines the real history of the monster known to the natives as Mokele-Mbembe. The creature is described as larger than an elephant, with a long neck and long tail. The pygmy natives that live in the largest swamp in the world testify to the truth of the dinosaur-like creature that still inhabits their land. Dozens of expeditions into the swamp have been completed, and lots of evidence gathered to make the remarkable claim that these creatures still roam the earth.

Most recently Mr. Gibbons’ book received the “Best Cryptozoology Book of 2010” award from One of the authors and editors of the site, Loren Coleman, stated:

This is an excellent example of the examination of histories, ethnoknown realities, and evidences of one cryptid and related probable species in a limited area, with expedition fieldwork detailed by one of those who was there. It takes the subject seriously, and gives a new treatment to the topic of Mokele-Mbembe in a well-executed overview. It is the kind of cryptozoological opus that should be individually produced on all the often-neglected cryptids. Congratulations to the author and publisher for this one!