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“Coffee Table” Package

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This beautiful collection of books is perfect not only for your coffee table, but also for delving deeper into God’s Creation!

Package Includes:

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Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Catastrophic Caves

Vance Nelson

Caves are extraordinary underground spectacles of pure grandeur. But more than that, they are a wondrous part of the history of this planet. Though their formation is often presented as exceedingly slow and gradual, new untold secrets are revealed in Catastrophic Caves, which suggest otherwise. When and how did caves form? How do cave formations develop? How long does this take? Are modern objects ever encased in cave deposits?  These and many other intriguing questions will be answered with hundreds of compelling photographs. The evidence in this book may change your whole way of thinking about caves and the formations found within them.

Vance Nelson is a researcher, speaker, and writer. He travels the world searching for evidence relating to the history of Planet Earth. He has been on international radio and television. He live in Alberta, Canada with his wife and children.

Hardback:  195 Pages

The Heavens: A Different View

Danny Faulkner

The Heavens: A Different View gives us a glimpse of God’s majesty revealed in His creation. This photo journey through the created cosmos is packed with breathtaking astrophotography, Scripture, and short essays on the uniqueness of our galaxy and beyond.

Author, astrophotographer and astrophysicist, Dr. Danny Faulkner, gives us eyes to see how astronomy speaks a powerful word about God as Creator. Every page of this beautiful, apologetic resource is filled with amazing facts about the heavens including:

  • The two constellations mentioned in the Bible in the Books of Amos, Job, and Isaiah
  • A black hole that is 70 million times more massive than the sun
  • Objects we can see with the naked eye that are millions of light years away!

The Heavens will fascinate those who love the science of the stars and provide a great defense for the wonder of our Creator. Families will enjoy the astrophotography and learn fascinating facts about star trails, galaxies, nebulae and many other objects in our solar system.

Hardback: 108 pages


Archaeology and the Bible: 50 Fascinating Finds that Bring the Bible to Life

Tom Meyer

The Bible has been God’s Word to His people for millennia, but most people today question whether the events it records are actual history. Every time the Bible’s claims can be tested, however, they stand up to scrutiny. In Archaeology and the Bible: 50 Fascinating Finds That Bring the Bible to Life, Tom Meyer covers over 2,000 years of biblical history, from the patriarchs to the early church period. Using discoveries unearthed from those periods, he demonstrates that the Bible’s people and places really did exist and the events it reports really did happen. Tom has an M.A. in the Historical Geography of Israel and an M.A. in Middle East Culture and Religion from Jerusalem University College. His unique insights into the world of the Bible—its cultures, geography, archaeology, and customs—will equip you with the truth you to defend the accuracy and reliability of the written Word of God.

Hardback: 160 pages

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation

Dennis R. Petersen

One of the most user-friendly and comprehensive introductory books ever published on the subject of Biblical creation. This book will help you discover the scientific accuracy of the Bible; unveil the fallacies of evolution; and build unshakable confidence in God’s Word.

Designed to help families build a trustworthy Biblical worldview, it introduces a vast treasure of faith-building resources.

Part One – In the beginning… Science and the Bible agree! The earth was once very different and very good! When did it all begin? Surprising facts from the cosmos and the earth unveil the truth about our planet’s age.

Part Two – True science dares to put the big bang and medieval thinking to the test. From woodpeckers to whales, fossils to philosophers… evolution is seen for the deception it really is.

Part Three – Has the Missing Link been found? Discover amazing mysteries and myths about dinosaurs: What were they like? Why are they gone?

Part Four – How do we make sense of all the mysteries of ancient civilizations? Awesome advancements before the flood… Pyramids, UFOs and ancient technology all make sense in light of the Biblical record.

“One generation shall praise Thy works to another, and shall declare Thy mighty acts. On the glorious splendor of Thy majesty, and on Thy wonderful works, I will meditate. And men shall speak of the power of Thine AWESOME ACTS.” (Psalm 145)

Hardback: 239 pages


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