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Proof of God Conference DVD Box Set

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Eric Hovind and others

Now you can experience the Proof of God Conference learning from top Creation and Apologetics teachers! Set includes over 15 hours of invaluable apologetic content with Ken Ham, Eric Hovind, Mark Spence, and many more!! The Proof of God Conference DVD Boxed Set includes video recordings of all 8 Main Sessions on DVD; and audio recordings of 9 Breakout Sessions on MP3 CD-ROM.

  • Main Session Video Recordings on 5 DVD’s: 7 hours 20 minutes
  • Breakout Session Audio Recordings on MP3 CD-ROM: 7 hours 55 minutes

80 in stock

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Eric Hovind and others

Now you can experience the Proof of God Conference learning from top Creation and Apologetics teachers! The DVD Boxed Set includes video of all 8 Main Sessions on DVD and MP3 (Audio) of 9 Breakout Sessions on CD.

Main sessions include:

  • Eric Hovind – The God of the Bible
  • Ken Ham – Our Ultimate Authority
  • Paul Taylor – Evidence vs. Proof
  • Ken Ham – Defending Christian Faith In Today’s World
  • Carl Kerby – Why Do They Run?
  • Mark Spence – Taking It to the Streets
  • Sye Ten Bruggencate – Proving the God of the Bible
  • Eric Hovind – Living for God’s Glory

Breakout sessions include:

  • Paul Taylor – Don’t Miss the Boat: Noah and the Flood
  • Sye Ten Bruggencate – Apologetics: You are Doing It Wrong!
  • Ray Moore, Jr. – Indoctrination
  • Jay Seegert – Evolution: Probable or Problematic?
  • Kevan Myers – Answer the Words of Truth
  • Felice Gerwitz – Are You a Truth Seeker?
  • Alyse Merritt – Discovering the Jewish Messiah
  • Tom DeRosa – Evolution’s Fatal Fruit
  • Rev. Lloyd T. Anderson – A Big Bang for Creation

5 DVD’s: 7 hours 20 minutes

CD: 7 hours 55 minutes

Pastor who attended the Proof of God Conference—October 2012
I learned valuable information! Every pastor in America needs to attend this conference!

The Proof of God Conference was awesome! Just what we need for a doubting and dying generation!!

Thank you for this great conference!!

Thank you so much for this conference. This has helped me see a different perspective of apologetics!

To think I was ever on the fence about coming here — sheer folly. I used to think the Gospel was important. I am going home knowing that the Gospel is everything!

So great to learn new ways of evangelism and to be reminded of things we need to be doing! May God continually inspire our minds and urge us to SHARE the “Good News” continually. Thanks so much for providing the impetus!

Thanks for the reminder that the Bible is the ULTIMATE authority and God does not need our defense! He is GOD, Jehovah, and His Word is sufficient. You are all blessings, and I thank God for His wonderful Power through you all!

Thanks for teaching me that a creationist argument must start with the Bible!

This is the best conference I have ever attended!

We are loaded down with countless church activities, while the real work of the church, that of evangelism winning the lost to Christ, is nearly entirely neglected. Thank you for reminding us of this essential point!

How do we put into words the thanks we have for all that you have given us? Wonderful tools we can use in our ministry! Be Blessed!

My name is John. I was a drug addict for 25 years and then got saved. Now my wife and I are street evangelists — all for the glory of God. This Proof of God Conference has helped us sharpen our evangelism skills. Thanks!

I have been teaching my children how to study the Bible inductively. For the past two years, my wife and I have grown more than in the twenty years of Christian service due to studying God’s Word, not just reading the Bible or conforming to the Gospel according to the pulpit. Thank you for your contribution to the Body of Christ with the Biblical teaching of this conference.

Growing up in a Christian family, I never thought of questioning my existence. One I reached my high school years in a Christian School, I lost my faith and only wanted to view existence and the universe through scientific terms. Everything I have heard from these speakers makes more sense than I ever imagined. I thank you for restoring my faith and my purpose!

Thank you for putting together this conference! I realize now that when I was in high school, I didn’t care about learning science or anything because it went against my faith. Now, I know God has lots for me to learn concerning creation and wants my faith to grow. Thanks again.

Although I’ve been saved for fifteen years and been involved in Bible preaching churches all this time, this conference message was new to me. The message of not defending God by evidence, but rather by proclaiming God with His Word is something that is missing from pulpits today. We unknowingly have forsook the truth and have forfeited the battle. Please tell others this conference information and I’ll do the same.

In this conference, I learned that “atheism” is extremely dangerous!

Really enjoyed the conference. This was a life-changing trip for me!

I came all the way from Connecticut to be at the conference. It was worth every mile of the trip! It gave me new tools to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ! God bless you all!

How refreshing to be challenged to true evangelism! John 8:32, 36.

I am here with my Christian School from Atlanta. I have been tremendously influenced by Creation Today!! I have absolutely been blessed and challenged and encouraged to walk in the TRUTH! Please create conferences for middle school and high school kids! We love hearing serious truth!!!

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