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Uniting to Spread the Creation Message – Season 3 Episode 36

By |Podcasts, Videos|

Eric and Ben bring Season 3 of The Creation Today Show to an exciting close with an awesome, fiery experiment and […]

Apologetics, Dinosaurs, Eve in a Zip – Season 3 Episode 35

By |Podcasts, Videos|

Join Eric and Ben in behind-the-scenes interviews with Answers for Pastors Conference speakers. Preview Dr. Baucham’s “win-some” argument diving down on […]

Today’s Church Trumpets an Uncertain Sound – Season 3 Episode 34

By |Podcasts, Videos|

Join Eric and Ben for an inside look at the Answers for Pastors Conference. Interviews with Dr. Al Mohler and Ken […]

Was Noah’s Flood Global or Local? – Season 3 Episode 33

By |Podcasts, Videos|

Eric and Ben test your knowledge on the biblical account of Noah’s Flood in this “sweet” episode. Meet Guests John Hergenrather […]

Atheists Are Throwing Punches – Season 3 Episode 29

By |Podcasts, Videos|

On today’s Creation Today Show, Eric Hovind and Ben Schettler defend Christianity against Atheist’s left hooks at Christianity’s supposedly “harmful effects.” […]