By Curt Blattman of Bible Apologetics

For the evolutionist the question of who set the planets in motion is not a valid question since they believe that everything that exists came about by one big chance accident. While there was no who at the beginning according to evolutionary theory these evolutionists concede that nothing created many who’s including you and me. So, while the evolutionist has no who to begin with he also has no why either. Again, for the evolutionist why do we have a universe is not something they can explain because to begin with no who and nothing leaves the question of why unanswerable.

Isaac Newton once remarked: “Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who sets the planets in motion.”1

– Isaac Newton

And apologist, Norman Geisler added: “Natural selection may be able to explain the survival of a species, but it cannot explain the arrival of a species.”2

In both of the above quotations the who and why questions about creation are a closed corridor of thought for the evolutionist. When science excludes God from the equation on how our universe came into existence we are left with a senseless beginning and by definition, when we die, a senseless ending. And without knowing who created us or why we were created life will never

have real meaning.

I challenge you to ask your atheist friends what is the purpose of life when we have no answer to the big who and why questions if we are only here by chance accident. Not only that but the evolutionist and atheist when asked where are you going in life has an equally senseless answer – back to nothing!

Fortunately, there is a God who gives us the answers to our who, why, what, and where questions to life and they all can be found in the Bible. So let’s glory in the realization that we are not here by accident, but by divine design!


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